Dear Readers, I'm appealing, From the bottom of my heart! I'm standing at a crossroads, Within my chosen art; I've more words than time to write them, And more ideas than ink. Please read this, Dear Reader, then tell me what you think. ...oh shit, this is turning into a poem too.....

What the devil should I write about?
What genre to pursue?
I've agonized for months on end,
Perhaps I should ask you.

Do you wish to read of dogs,
Or porcupines, or toads?
Of knights at arms or dragons,
Or girls who've lost their clothes.

Should I envisage landscapes
Or should I set to sea?
Should I refer to light and shade,
Or simply talk of me.

Should I expostulate on love,
Or sorrow, life or death?
In words of youthful innocence,
Or breathing final breath?

Serious or humorous?
D'you want to laugh or cry?
Lampoon the world around us,
Or constantly ask why?

And if I speak of landscapes,
Please tell me how you'd feel,
About man-made or natural?
Of trees, or caves of steel?

I'll hold a mirror to the world,
If that is what you'd see.
Would you rather view it with,
Romance or honesty?

And if I go erotic,
What viewpoint should I take,
Catullus or Sappho,
E. L. James, or Blake?

So now you see my quandary,
Which genre calls to you?
At best I could do justice,
To just one, or maybe two.

I need to narrow down a bit,
The world is just too wide,
So please give me some feedback,
And help me to decide.


© Marcus Brook 2017


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