Just a Dot.



A matter of perspective. 22-11-2016

A dot is a dot.

The dot is there.

Does it move?

Does it grow?

Just a dot.  That's fair.


That dot is a line!

The line is there!

Does it stretch?

Does it bend?

The line to elsewhere?


That line is a circle!

The circle, now there!

Does it roll?

Does it squish?

The circle goes where?


That circle is a cylinder!

The cylinder is here!

Does it compress?

Does it fill?

A cylinder, it's clear!


That cylinder's a square!

Watch it unravel!

Does it fold?

Does it crease?

The square, now a panel?


That square is a cube!

Watch, it's reformed!

From planar,

To disparate!

The cube has transformed!


It's clear to see,

To reality we're blind.

From dot,

To cube,

Perspective limits men kind.

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