Confessions of a Human



Written in September 2015, this piece is was uploaded to my Facebook, where it stirred up quite a fuss. Airing my frustrations of modern day life at the time, this is the first poem I have openly shared for critique by my friends and family, all of who were quite shocked for different reasons.

Money, fame and followers; we choose these afflictions to pilot and dictate our thoughts, emotions and sentiments.  Abundant in greed, we bear no humbleness, humility or hope, but endorse a life of hubris, hostility and hatred.

Cadaveric contempt fueled by fear, empowered by ignorance and sponsored by mockery.  Militant word-sorcery forms enemies; it seeks, divides and destroys us.  Many are too afraid to speak with truth or realistic light against the machine, for dread of black magic rhetoric, misguided satire and ridicule, which is ensured upon veracity.

In what world do we dwell, where sincerity is replaced with compliance, where reality is replaced by fantasy, where ideals blind us from practicality, where love and compassion are not co-existent with discord, where freedom is conditional to your following, birth rights or identity?

Close fisted, we seek power to flow to us, not through us.  We gather individualistically in names, opposed to sharing unto the names of others.  Souls and dreams are created and crushed by the hands of selfishness and minds in doctrine by the claws of media.

Open your eyes and see where the power really is.  Those with money are the bearers of power, but they are no bearers of greatness; they torque the golden strings above our heads.  "Close your eyes.", it is said, "forget what you cannot change, for you have no power.  You won't feel a thing."  Such phrases engineered to starve us of morality, to numb and blind us to the cancer we suffer; and so let it be known that anonymity, ignorance and esoteric judgments breed chaotic, heartless drones.  The zombies are already among us, but do not cast out hope.

Assemble the power, for you can change the world.  Allow your enlightened will to blind those in the darkness.  Seek, speak and spread only what is truth, and cast out what is deceitful, for the more whom do such, may see our humanity through and beyond this rigid temporality.

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