NO ANIMAL OR FEELING Was Harmed Or Hurt In The Make Of This Work. CONTAINS Trace(s) Of ClusterFluke, TripleCrown, QuantumEntangleMentality Particulate & Cornfed-Shoeless Footnote Dust* (*SpookyInAction@Adistance) IRRITABLE READERS MAY EXPERIENCE TRIAL OF PATIENCE In DueCourse Of Justice Poetic:

What Is Consciousness, That We Are Mindful Of It?
Creative Reality / Cutting Edge.
Mortal Fear. It's "Complicated". A Playa Whetstone.
Occam's Razor: Blade Souled Here...
TRUE @....100%:
"Produced In A Reality That InCLUdes...
--Wyatt Matturs
What Search Engine So Finds Itself In The Desert?
Breaking: STOP. for example GO. Stone cold,
black & white, Asian millennia, no dice,
no chance, no luck...a profoundly ancient board game
so strategy-dense it makes chess
look like checkers, the NPR report went on to note
the number of possible moves exceeded the count of atoms
in the universe!  Not by FAITH, in GOD--Forced by REASON now
to BELIEVE what can't be conceived. A rational heresy in another
crushing order of magnitude unveiled 
(I'd have been properly impressed with a bushel
of peaches' worth of atoms. But No,
the Universe entirely
is what it was). GO. The human king of it is DEAD.
Deposed, Over. Long Live The King! Which ONE?
OOPsee-Craisy.  "UH-oh."  /  Go. GO!
SO: "It" could write home about it, A-I's First Win! 
over carbonbased
lifeformed champion--over human headspace: 
Houston, We Have Cognition. (Pending) Is That A
Lift-Off. Defeat. Victory.
Not with "brute force" numbers-crunch--not THIS time. 
Now--(maybe spell it NAO Now, a new Tao Matrix)--cyber-
sourced, soft-worn
"machined" "intuition"--up-close & hauntingly personal. 
To & from what mecca is such page refreshed to pop?
For what it's become the beginning had
no IDEA, the founding-first could fit in two cars
on that Bay Area beach--no inkling of a now manifest destiny,
no plan to seize some "Moment" or "Day"
Now an-inner & outer-life-altering dance of bees...
Now, careful plan indeed, by tens-of-thousands!
ad hoc hive swarming
from all timezones, by land & air drawn to pollinate
a majestically invasive irony:
the haunting floral power of Burning Man
Radical InTENTion: has come to THIS then--see?
obvious & "undercover" "famous or soon-to-be" & "never"
so many (of the most-!) disruptively-
enabled 'Pandora's Box Officers' HERE (as it whir...
In Playa dust [we trust] recalled:
a breezy nap before the next long gust of whiteout...
of atmospheric crash, search engine idling to gather
its next yawning sky-high release
in a metaphoric over-rev of 'results not found'
deceptively graying the sun, even as light by heart
wholly taken in but 
unseen to oversaturated mental glance, may glimmer
on nerve beyond optic, long after memory tells it otherwise:
fading to black, 
NOT..."Quite"..., as it were). Ever Again.
...Then BACK!
For "MORE" of "IT"--(which to miss: that prospect, HURTS...)
so-driven, to take such pains to arrive & STAY is a preafterthought,
a given. Seers, WAYward visionaries, radical inCLUsionists,
off-grid scofflaws, creactive perps & pioneers--in Good Tribal Standing
of Ground here, annually Wild, 
together--re-bound, bathed in the Towering
Playa Firelight of Black Rock City. . . 
This Then--THAT--One NIGHT--the ONLY, of [nearly] All GATHERED,
in unified audience, at the Town-Called Meeting...
repeating itself, its charismatic, empowering rhythm,
always, clearly, unforgettably...all these years...
with NO end in sight: a now-plausible lifespan well-beyond human.
(Note To Armchair SnarkTards [Melancholy? ...SCOWLING?]
You suck & bite the obstacular RIND. Must CUT It. Bloodless meat--red,
Little Foe, Big FRIEND--forever? NeverMIND
 (Come To FIND...?)....Go..."GO"...
Forward-leaning. When it reigns it pours.  \*/
Disruption's "Drama"--ENTER: [new meaning] Stage 
RITE through the LOOKING glass!    UPsizing (@+=)
The door's a Jar for WINdoze, can't you SEE?
[Sp0OFliTe ON / off [EXCEPT for website product-placement]
and ACTION: "O what the Hell! Call me prematurely jaded but
you've probably ALREADY stopped reading so this intrusion faces
long odds of mattering--poetry of any kind or even quality remains
a hard sell nowadays--notwithstanding, here goes (I'll suppose...)
HAM or NAIL, that song's Ratherbee, begged a question's answer
in the MELody, on one knee, "if I only could", that yes eyewood
even NOW takes me back to a knotty-pine wall of childhood, 
the crack in the dark knot, the hardened tear-bead of sap
by the framed snapshot in the cabin, of ice-fishing on Bass Lake
with a two-pound northern pike caught by tip-up, me smiling
as if I'd reeled it in @ age 11...my grin was in-your-face:
"Life is GOOD!"  And it WAS, but what I hate about believing
in reincarnation is of course the daunting repetition, no matter
HOW good,
the going through it all again, and then, whatever
comes back AT, FOR, or AGAINST you x "surPRISE"
that all memory of THIS life
has no record of (except as dreamed, an ironically potential
reality)--karma, though:
the innocent man on Death Row, whose murdered 
wife of two centuries ago is now the prosecutor
that "falsified" evidence against him...
must be freed, of course,
in terms of current mortal justice...and YET: the POETRY of karma
is such (I'm reminded) that Donald Trump's next round
could be as a grouchy peasant
beset by grueling poverty, full of complaint, truly loved by no one
for living as if he still had it all, nothing to show for naked entitlement
but surreally-misguided attitude. (The tingod behind gold suffers
the blind faith of fools so GLEEfully!)
Well, moving on, the tune's menu also offers up a choice
So, Yes this IS kin to that:  JAM or TOAST--but finally the full persuasive
existential bias is here irrelevant, though "similar", in the fluidly protean
way that a metaphor "behaves" (plays-well-with-OTHERness) or not--
half-like a simile, (as it were)--and, while not married, so to speak,
in common-law "serious" poetry
the two are invariably on good speaking terms, advancing
WordTeam interests and family-added values
in the shared Household of the given Poem--Ed. Note, 
TMI apology:
thank you for following ["reading"] if you have, if you did
this far & do then Please  by all means continue
to the bittersweet
and a shout out to our sponsor over @ ArtistGeneral.com!
"We" now return
to the poem in "progress"...Just IN: Flash-Note-to-Self
lose the "quotes" on "We" &  "progress". CHECK. 
We now return to the poem in progress...
Update: [dammit]
put quotes on poem.  
Obviously Too Late to "Skip" 
if you read this ADD clear to "THIS PoinT"...
Very Sorry........we cool?] ...{SpO0fLite on/OFF} ...ThataWRAP?
[earnest expression?]
. . .Trick question.  [NOT-- "Quick"--"TRICK!"--GOT it?  
(In the thick of the game, spread so thin...)
i-Meant TRICK QUESTion]---NOT--what you would "CHOOSE"
--what would you BE? you or I, with nothing or everything to lose...) 
                                                      META-LERT (Triggered)
                                        Station Identification (As Required x Law 
                   For Old School Poetic License, Which (Alas) Remains All I Qualify For 
                                                               @ This Writing...
                                                  --Let's Get This Over With:
                      QUICK TOURSCAN Of "Poem" Sausage / Headcheese Factory...
RE: What Might This Mean: "Waking?" 
FILE: self-allegation: ...too many "voices" vying for dominant sayshare--
wanting too much to say...(a fractally-surreal 'sibling' rivalry)
"regrettable" choices. Begin w/ Words. 
Okay, Whole Lines...{dammit. More, but start here]
 ...somewhere still too near (not space: in time...
but...no, wait...
YES. ALso...yes I AM seeing--I Do SEE a black line in point of fact
before me, across a white backlit screen
...so braced ----
[I want to write: "like someone falling from a great height
with Time a slowed down-enough blur to wonder how
the impact is about to feel
if at all. If there's anything before it to like-seam..."
but decide: NOT to, write it, since I'm still at least "significantly" asleep,
even if my eyes remain half...unclosed, as it were...
----to INSTANTLY disappear I can FEEL it, the fragile bubble of Lucid Dream here!)
SUDDENLY.../ Must "delete" ...Too Late. BUSTED.
Re-scanning..., [ ominous pauses, esp. @ inclusion
of website in ["Our"] work here...uh-oh...
Thought 1stone2birds  ["Cheezy"] that: legit sosh-media spoof could fig-leaf
"product placement" [ invite iTune$ fishbite for over-needed rev-stream. . .]
(looking UP...[forlorn-hopefully]...followed by Down]...)
                 MUSECLUSION:  ...[A Very LONG Sigh. . .Followed By
                                                     A Palpably Rhetorical Question:
"Well you've gone and made another
mess of what I gave you in such good faith! ....why, Why?"  
I know. . .I know. . .idontknow
[Fear: what if I'm still dreaming?] (Hope: Maybe I'm still dreaming...)
Yes!  Nope. Just pinched myself. "What, one can't PINCH oneself in a DREAM?"
Damn.  True: You can FLY in a dream. "STOP."  This? "THAT!" 
WhatFlApPiNg?  I was only TRYING.  Not /:  Obviously.  "Flying"...
Then you're awake.  ". . .And Why is that so suddenly sad...?"
Why.  No, HOW should I Know the Answer?  
Tired.  So tired...@ last! the voluptuous depth of pillow now. Gravity.
Exhaustion's Fast: Done. I am Ravenous.
The Feast of Sleep, at which set table I murmur, barely able: agnostic grace.
Then Look down, OUT!  brightly shown this night, from these dropped bones,
Good King. None to pick from any need what-so-ever.
As much with everything yammering before
I now am full of nothing.
THUS & So---No "Map"--By heart, LEARN
your Timely Place...Your BET... 
Sleep now, POWER-nap. Re-SET--Break FREE: "keep it real..."
Time is Space-Doubt Whistling past a quantum graveyard
things arc in fusing with "memory" & "regret"--hard & fast
too early
for too long
(like the look on someone's face you can't forget...)
WabberJockey Whimsy 
on Dark Horse Gravitas. . .        
(Could've been a contender,
even a sandwich if it wasn't a race! aren't you hungry yet?)
SNAX! Food for "ThoughT": RuhLAX...
A second chance when Three's the Charm!
Turning. Turning in the widening
(synaptic) FIRE-dance, with the Man. The pulled trigger
of the Man Burning a Way...
"Do No Harm"...Moore's Law unbound...
into virgin depths of rebirth: science, industries, arts collapsing...
historic creative circumstance, embrace: defiance, "betrayal"
lost & FOUND--in fits & starts! hunter gathering 
snapshot dreamfreeze:
so many moving parts! 
by mind's eye in storm's iWitless NEWSfLaSh
(See ADD [sic] --- Skip In 10 "TEN" (ten) TeN Seconds.../...)
coming (Perfect-Stormy)  /"P.S."\
s00n. .................."UnLESS" i.e.........
"YES--A QUEST-Yin?  THERE--NO, NEX To You-There, YOU sir" --
"SoYesButWAIT There's "MORE"? More "Then"
Than "Now" To Who I "AM"? ..SOW [sic]......
["significant" pause, 
look perplexed, even "flummoxed"...then PIST...[sic]]
"...TWICE fooled!"
"By the self-same river..?"   ++ "in-your-HeAd"    /*
"...EXCUSE ME Sir who are YOU?"
++ "I'm DeTECTive Stephen CLUEdearth...not to worry.
You're OverRULED:  I can BE here..."
Here Here!  with faith on ice
& time to kill: all, come with ALL your home-schooled
Fearbent Anger, BRING it!...AND? ...And with unmitigated abandon:
--"Open Fire @ WILL!" (...reads the scrawl 
above the smile...)
of the bullet-proof balloon.
also rising (by weigh of aloof example)
". . .the MooN. . ."    
*\"That's-What-iSAID......Say WHAT?  
Theatrically ABSURD. "$mother" Of InVENtion? Really?  
Hand-splayed CYA: That FingerStretch is all you got?
Death, have you forgotten DEATH in all this TAXdodge?
Student debt for Hogfarm FLIGHT school? Pork-barreled Budget collisions,
the tonnage of flammable LIPstick, BACONflakes falling like snow, adults
with their mouths open like when they were kids, bumping into each other
at smoldering crash-sites...And What about the SHEEP
waiting, uncounted, with CEO insomnia "burgeoning"...
I'd say the supply of fury so obviously exceeding "demand" should signify SOMEthing...
For Whom The Tale Is Told? DUH: It's TOLLED for THEE!
And AS for the smaller size, (issue-wise) of the "Footnote", that TWO
syllables were, in sneer of one, "Head to "HeAd"
IZZITKNOT POSSIBLETHAT: a miss-mannered tweak of 'up-yours' downside
offered your ear an unintended faux syllable here? But, HEY. oK, Ok! 
fare enough, let's not exactly
mountainize a molehill, each can take the other's point to heart then.
My "bad", (we'll call it then) if there's anything I'm hard of it's BEING,
not hearing..or for that matter SPEAKING, even, of 
the "WRITTEN" word. In any invent, you heard me wrong but
got right what I meant, "where it hurts"--Streama Whatchussness, (Not that 
TORCH Singer, if there is such, {or "EVER" was,} ...it seems I'm remembering
too fondly regardless...)
it ACTUALLY comes from
the name of that KING of OLD, a good one, back in the day, when, 
bad as it is now, good was even harder to find (Per se or ['specially "ROYAL"]
capita) THAT's
how bad it was THEN is still my understanding.
Think how largely good you'd have to be SEEN-as
to have your name
come to mean (in the language of Shakesfear & global air traffic control)
what belongs to us universally even in sleep: Whatchussness!
Good King Whatchussness, I caught myself humming his Xmiss carol
on the f'n FOURTH of JULY!...Whatz THAT about, I fought wondering
& lost, like, I don't know, arm-wrestling Sasquatch or something. 
Elves, though. Elves I still believe are possible for some reason but Bigfoot,
no. No way, I'm done, that's HISTORY. And yet..(shall we say) I duhgress...
(as a man, not a kid
back to Christmas, & maybe even why I changed my tune:
NOWthen as a boy mind you only a few years north of enthralled belief
in Santa Claus it was "O Come All Ye Faithful!"--BIGtime.
..Joyful And TRYumphint...O Come Let Us Adore...da da daDAHH
As opposed to nowadaze anyone can find all of us
not paying--seriously, even ANY intention to the Tryumphint
"In The RooM"
for Chrissake, In The ROOM...just SAYin......Nevermined"
Global Scriggler.DomainModel.Publication.Visibility
There's more where that came from!