Why are South Africans Killing Us?



I was driven to write this, because of what is reported to have happened to Nigerians in South African again today: the barbaric xenophobic killing of Africans in South Africa by South Africans.

I hold my peace with difficulty:

the hurt that is bent on

consuming with pain

the searing you grunt

to contain or lock your jaws to smoother

with silence, dead or expressive

like the healing of passing time.


Yet this time is refusing to heal

for some South Africans,

moronic imbeciles that

they are, are still picking

the scab of my hurt like vultures.


They will continue to kill

us, they will! Worse,

they will continue to justify

it, with their knuckles

tucked behind their backs!


How long can we fold our hands,

like the cowardly older

brother who folds

his hands behind his back

when his younger brother

is beaten by thugs? I have


Had enough. I went around

to my South African neighbor.

Mumu¹”, I waved my finger

at him, “Answer me this.

Did we help save you from

the shackles of apartheid so

you can turn around and kill us?!”


The pain I suffer is about to consume me.

“Next time I come here!”,

I barked, “We’ll come

with cutlasses and axes

for every one of you

who work here, for our women

you’ve taken from us

and for the agencies you

run for god knows what!”


(Should those in glass houses throw stones?)


  1. Mumu: Fool/ idiot (Yoruba)
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