A New Order



A commentary on supporting one another and lifting each other up as there is no "piece of the pie" to share, possibilities are infinite!


A New Order


Is it the established order we indict

For misappropriating our talents

Or do we subsist, sparring each and everyone

A clash for whose distinction is more suitable

Can we shut down this incessant dividing and scolding

Can we raise up a preference to uplift and bolster

Subscribe to a far-reaching gramercy

For those who conceived and hammered this fitting estate

Be objective and respect this leverage

Find truth in this campaign to pronounce our individualism

LIVE in this elaborate essay

For no license is required to procure our repute

Appeal, never cease, amplify in every interlude

Survey heedfully, I call upon you, do you see me?

For I may exist in you and you in me

As our stories entwine in just one breath

For good, let’s offer to human nature

The birth of a new disposition

In this engagement, we can hinge on one another

And inaugurate a neoteric enterprise

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