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A Prayer For September 11th

My god you call us to be faithful
and while we are not always successful,
me not always with fervor,
do not turn a deaf ear to my prayer.
They come into our country in deceit,
striking blows against the innocent.
They take lives that are not theirs to take.
We have gone to protect the faultless.
Now they come to murder the blameless.
Returning our goodness with vileness.
Allow Satan to punish their immorality.
When they are judged, let the verdict be guilty.
Let their punishment match the grief they have stirred.
Widow's black for all the curs.
I praise my God Yahweh,
for he is in my heart always.
Let us not seek retaliation,
but let my Lord be our retribution.

-Alesia Leach © 10/2001

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