Dragon -gypsyroses



A fairytale poem

In winter's mist, the magic swirled,
as darkness descended on the earth,
reflected in water, a Dragon's birth.

His scales glistened of red and gold,
his eyes sparkled green and bold,
his mystical beauty touched my soul.

His mighty wings unfurled for flight,
'twas such a wondrous sight,
to watch his twist and turns in the night.

As his wings danced in silent waves,
his solitary stare captured my gaze,
his power and presence held absolute sway,
as I awaited my fate.

Then, down he swooped through the air,
seemingly without a care,
and I wonder how I would fare.

Towards me he came,
softly calling my name,
his snout ablaze with his flame.

As he landed on the snow,
He said I am friend not a foe,
Come, let us go.

Flapping his wings we did rise,
up, up into the sky,
eyes shining bright,
having never known such delight.

-Alesia Leach © 9/2014

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