The Kittiwake's Cry



solitude/ troubled mind

A solitary kittiwake  sits on a rock

Watching me with a guarded eye

Fear not, my feathered friend

I've merely come to drown my thoughts

Your song compliments the dark pearl sky

Haunting croon to conciliate a soiled mind

It's as if you know


The morning stroll is bittersweet

Menu of sadness, nostalgia, acceptance and relief

Beach strewn with pebbles and dried seaweed

Ocean at ease, salt permeating the air

Rocky backdrop, like an ancient Roman amphitheatre

Breeze skipping along the desolate shore

Summer's last forage; coils of autumn seeping through

There is a sour taste gathering in my mouth


The kittiwake preens its feathers

Presence accepted

I'm smitten by jealousy

If only I could fly

Away from it all, my troubled life

Shed my skin and start afresh

The air ruffling my wings

A simple, unflustered existence


Inflexible torment

Like a swarm of angry wasps

A flurry of enraged fairies

Lunatic under my bed

Waiting for me to fall asleep

I can shoulder this burden no more


The kittiwake rises, heads out to sea

You graceful bird

Take my failings with you

And cast them into the murky depths

If only you could

My imperial friend



Now there is just me

Spirit of isolation

Even the ghosts are silent

Ghosts inside my head

I face the great ocean

And make my decision

I start walking

And walking

And walking

Heart lurching

So cold

So blissfully cold







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