Journals of a Psychopath.



Another peek into my novel.

The Dream

Girthing Hightower, the saddle was frozen, and Hightower shivered. My steed and I traveled among the ice-laden trees we were exhausted.
Spying some smoke and it drifted from Sir Richard's camp. Hightower watchfully wended through the forest and I kept my eyes on the smoke. Weaving to their campsite and our wraps were sopping wet, icy-flecks layered my horse and I. Huddling by the heat-source and Sir Richard bent his head to her, Sir Richard’s arm encircled Lady Flarice’s waist. Lady Flarice was ravishing and her hair dangled loosely to her waist. Her face glowed healthily and the bad weather had not affected her.
      “I do not think he will find us,” he said.
Eating the game, which Sir Richard had hunted, Lady Flarice appeared to enjoy it. He had roasted the meat on a spit and the remains leant in the strong gusts. Sir Richard’s sword was drawn, just in case I arrived, and he was prepared psyched ready to accomplish the action. Hightower nearly snorted, I quieted him with my finger. I dismounted and stepping forward, I gained a clearer view Sir Richard was wary ready to face the challenge.

The Pit Stop

Jayne's red nails scratched my bare back and her legs curled around my waist, her spine grazed the rough wall. Even though the bitter cold was relentless, I had taken my shirt off. Prolonging the sex Jayne exploded passionately, images of Rheanna encumbered my mind I recalled Rheanna’s pink fluffy heart, and the tattoo above her woman-part. When I was done, I smoked another death-stick. Dressing and moseying into the exertion-zone, Perry wore a disparaging expression on his face. Rejoining Jayne in the yard, I handed her some coffee, Jayne’s look intense, and her skin flushed.
      “Why are you staring?” Jayne asked.
      “At this moment you are the most beautiful woman I have ever seen.”
I was not telling the truth.
      “Do you mean it?”
      “He says that to all of his conquests,” Rhea said.
Jayne and I were shocked we had not known Rheanna was in the yard.
       “Why do you treat me this way?” Rhea asked.
She stamped her feet.
       “Come on Rhea let’s go.”
      “What about me?”
Although she did have the decency to get dressed, Jayne scrutinized with hurt on her face.
      “You fucking liar I supposed you meant what you told me.”
Rhea shook and Perry brought some liquor, Pep gazed at Rhea sexually, and his eyes peeked at her woman-place. Grabbing him, I tossed Perry to the ground, and I punched him. Perry hauled himself up and began to grapple.
      “It would help if you had some strength,” I said.
      “Save it Clarkson I heard it all before.”
Perry endeavored to thump me, but failed, I threw him against the wall, Rhea was appalled, and she tried to get between us.
      “Who are you trying to protect him or me,” I said.

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