Extreme Measurements



In My Own Backyard


I hired a team of well-drillers. They agreed to work on Labor Day weekend because I knew the Twin Cities Police Dept. would be light staffed and unlikely to come by my house. The driller’s job was to bore a 3 foot diameter hole as deep as they could go and then place the black plastic pipe into the hole. At the 20 foot level they ran into solid rock and could drill no further. The heavy plastic pipe was put in place to prevent the 20 feet of dirt from caving in and trapping me underground. That would have been certain death. After building my own ladder I climbed down and cut an arch from the bottom of the tube. From there, I started digging outward and downward to the 36 foot level. This image shows what it looked like as I approached the bottom of the pipe from below! This is from my book, “Extreme Measurements” on Amazon  Amazon link



The Well Driller

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