Witches, We (chapter 13)



Erik Daughtry has an unexpected visitor. :3


            Vix was in the lead, with Chris close behind. She got up to bowl and noticed that, the next lane over, Kyle was about to bowl too. He saw her looking, smiled, and raised his eyebrows in challenge.

            Vix jutted out her chin in a tough-chick sort of way and nodded. They bowled at the same time. Vix got a strike and threw one arm up into the air. “Yes!”

            Kyle had gotten a strike too. He grinned at her before going back to take his seat.

            When she sat beside Galen, he asked. “You know that guy?”

            “Yeah, I have a class with him.”

            Galen nodded and sent an appraising glance at Kyle.

            Layla was having so much fun. Chris was the perfect guy to go bowling with. He danced up to the lane and posed after strikes, and in between, he talked with Layla.

            “How’d you like that spare, baby?” he asked her.

            For a person who found pet names disgusting, she sure enjoyed being called one by Chris. “Very nice. I like the way you clench your ass when you swing the ball forward,” she teased.

            “I do it just for you.”

            She laughed, but afterward she had a sharp feeling of dread. She couldn’t stand the thought of his feelings for her changing.

            “Hey,” he said, tapping her leg. “What happened?”

            “Hey, Chris. Do you want to be my boyfriend?”

            He nodded. “Hell, yes.” He grinned. “Now move in with me.”

            Layla laughed, and her worries were suddenly forgotten. 

            Erik was lying in bed, reading. Since talking to Ursa the day before, he realized how much he’d missed it. Reading her story had given him a taste for it again.

            Every once in a while, he found himself staring off, thinking about what had happened with Ursa.

            He should have just kissed her. If he’d done that, he’d know for sure how she felt about him. But that would have been pushy and potentially creepy.

            Sparky suddenly sat up and looked toward the living room. She looked at Erik and barked once.

            “Somebody out there, girl?” he asked her playfully.

            She hopped down from the bed and headed out of his bedroom. He didn’t bother to follow her. She was a bit over-protective.

            She barked again near the door. Then again.

            “Fine,” Erik said, tossing down his book. “I’ll take a look, if it makes you happy.”

            He walked out to the living room, parted the blinds and looked out. “See? There’s nothing…”

            Ursa was walking up his front steps.

            His heart jumped. She was back? He looked at his clothes, felt his hair and beard to make sure they weren’t too crazy and waited, but for some reason, she wasn’t knocking on the door.

            Sparky’s tail was wagging.

            Finally, it was too much for him. He pulled open the door.

            Ursa stood there, looking up at him.

            “Ursa? Is something wrong?”

            “Not really.”

            “How did you get here? Where’s the wagon?”

            “Back at the bar.”

            “Oh. Are you drunk? Need a ride?”

            “Shhh,” she said holding up a hand.

            He smiled at the cute action. She was drunk.

            “I need to talk to you.”

            “Okay,” he said, stepping aside. “Come on in.” His mind was racing. What was happening?

            “Hey, Sparky,” she said. She went in and sat on the couch.

            He closed the door and walked over to her.

            She wasn’t smiling, wasn’t giving him any sign of what was happening with her.

            “Hey, can you sit down?” she asked.

            “Sure,” he said, sitting at the other end of the couch.


            He raised an eyebrow at her and moved closer. “Ursa, what’s going on?”

            The next moment, she was kissing him. Her arms wrapped around his neck.

            It felt incredible. His hands went to her waist and pulled her closer. Her eyes were closed and her hands roamed down his back. She left his mouth and started kissing his neck.

            “Ursa,” he sighed, not wanting to say what he had to. “You're drunk, aren't you?”

            “A little,” she said, slipping her hands under his shirt. “Do I need to stop?”

            He knew that the answer should be yes, but his body didn’t agree. He felt her arms, the fabric of her dress; her hips. He didn’t want to let her go.

            “I’ve tried to get you out of my head,” Ursa murmured. “You kept teasing me.” Her hands played across the skin of his back.

            His breath huffed out of his chest at the amazing feeling. He was rock hard. “Ursa…” He knew he had to tell her to stop soon.

            “Touch me.”

            He groaned. He wanted to. He really wanted to.

            “Erik,” she said, bringing her hands around to his stomach. “You’ve been doing this to me for the last two days. Are you really going to say no?”

            He struggled to get himself under control. His willpower was about to snap.

            “Touch me.”

            With a growl, he pushed Ursa down on the couch. “I’m a man, Ursa. You can’t tempt me and expect nothing to happen.”

            She looked up into his eyes breathing hard. “Promise?”

            He couldn’t hold back anymore. He kissed her. Hard.

            She whimpered beneath him.

            His hands went to her sides, his thumbs below her breasts. He slid them up to her nipples and rubbed them through her soft dress.

            She squirmed, moaning.

            She felt so good. So soft. She smelled glorious.

            Her mouth opened and he slipped his tongue inside. She sucked on it gently.

            He moved his hand to her bare thigh and felt his way up, pulling her dress up with him. Her most sensitive place was mere inches away.

            Her eyes flew open.

            It was too fast for her. He knew it was. He was close to not caring.

            Erik pulled away from her and sat up. This was why it was a bad idea to be with someone so young. He could easily end up hurting her. What was natural for him could be completely new to her. But it wasn’t like with other women. He actually wanted to talk to Ursa and get to know her. He didn’t want this to be the end, glorious though it may be.

            He rubbed his face, trying to regain his restraint. “I’ll take you home.”

            “What?” Ursa cried, sitting up. “Erik!”

            Sparky watched them curiously.

            “Some other time,” he said, though he wasn’t sure if he meant it. He didn't want to see that shocked, scared look on her face again.


            He looked at her, ready to argue, but she had such a fierce look in her eyes that he lost the words.

            “I’m not too young, Erik. I came here. I was on a date.”

            He clenched his jaw.

            “But I left him to come here.”

            “I don’t want to hurt you, Ursa.”

            “You won’t. I’m a woman. The fact is that I have thought about you in bed. I’ve thought about you naked. Next to me. On top of me. …inside of me.”

            He leaned back, consumed with the thought of being inside her.

            “Do you want me?”

            “You know I do.”

            “Then, touch me more.”

            He watched, rigid, as she reached back and unzipped her dress. The lack of straps let the front slide down, revealing the tops of her breasts.

            His eyes were hard. His dick ached.

            “If I touch you, I’m not going to stop.”

            She shut her eyes and whimpered at his words. Her dress slipped lower.

            It would be cruel to say no to her now.

            He pulled her against him and lifted her off the couch, standing. She cried out, collapsing against him. “Erik,” she murmured into his shoulder.

            After years of what seemed like no tenderness in his heart, hearing Ursa say his name and holding her in his arms filled him with joy. “Ursa,” he said, trying to keep the emotion from his voice. “It feels like I’ve been waiting forever to hold you.”

            “You’re such a sneak,” she said, as he carried her to his room.

            “A sneak?”

            “You sneak along with your sexy brain and get me to notice your sexy eyes…”

            He set her down on his bed and stopped moving. She really was drunk. Suddenly he felt very clear-headed. “Ursa, I’ll be right back. I’m gonna get us some coffee.”

            She smiled, completely trusting. “’kay.”

            Erik wandered into the kitchen and started the pot. He rubbed his forehead. He’d almost had sex with a drunk Ursa. It didn’t matter that she said that she wanted to, or that his feelings for her were real. She couldn’t be drunk the first time!

            Should he take her home? That would definitely make Cassandra suspicious. He could let her stay and he could sleep on the couch… But then she might be missed at home. Should he just call Cassandra to come get her? If only he could get ahold of Layla. She could drive…

            He hastily searched for his address book. He found the entry with the Rehmert family cell number and paused. What if… Ah it didn’t really matter. No matter who answered, he’d tell them to come pick up Layla… say she stopped off on her way home from the bar. He still had innocence on his side. Well… mostly.

            He dialed the cell number and waited. One ring. Two rings. Three-

            “Hello?” answered a merry Layla. There were loud noises in the background.

            “Layla! Thank God!”

            “Uh, Erik Daughtry?”

            “Yeah. Listen,” he said, looking back toward the hallway and lowering his voice. “can you come get Ursa?”

            “Oh, my God!” she yelled into his ear. “You really are a pervert! I gave you the benefit of the doubt, but--" 

            “No. Listen. Nothing happened. She’s drunk. She needs a ride.”

            Layla laughed. “Jeeze, cuz. She’s drunk and you still can’t make a play?”

            What did she want? Was he a pervert or pathetic? She sounded just like her dad. “Can you come?”

            She sighed. “Of course. Where do you live?”

            He told her.

            “We’ll be there in a few.”

            “We?” he asked, but the line was dead.

            He filled two cups with coffee and walked back to his room, but Ursa was fast asleep.

            “What? Why?” Vix whined. She was winning her second game and Layla suddenly said they had to leave?

            “We gotta pick up Ursa,” Layla said. Then she added with a crazy grin, “From Daughtry’s place.”

            Vix’s heart jumped a little. What did that mean exactly? Why was she there when her feelings for him were supposed to have been erased? “Oh,” Vix said. She turned to Galen. “Do you want a ride home? We have to go pick up our sister.”

            “That’s okay,” Galen said, with an understanding smile. “Owen’s gonna be here soon, anyway.”

            Vix smiled back. He really was a good guy. She wanted to go and say goodbye to Kyle, but thought better of it.

            Galen watched Vix and her sister go and then he glanced over to that guy in Vix’s class, who was also watching her go. Galen felt like confronting him and telling him to stop watching his girl.

            What was with his thoughts? He’d never felt like getting into a fight before. But then, he’d never been in love before.

            “What’s wrong, kid?” Layla’s boyfriend, Chris, asked.

            “That guy. He’s been staring at Vix.”

            Chris took a glance back, then smirked at Galen. “Don’t get jealous. Vix is a cute girl. Don’t worry. She’s only got eyes for you.”

            Galen nodded. No need to get crazy. Other guys were bound to look at Vix. “What would you do if somebody was staring at Layla?”

            Chris looked startled at the question, then his expression hardened. “Nobody better ever try somethin’ with Layla.”

            That made Galen relax even further. The way he was feeling wasn’t so strange after all.


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