Aftermath. Chapter twelve...



My sister lost her battle...

1999...This was the year my sister lost her battle against cancer. We had learnt she had the dreaded disease only the back of the previous year.

  Standing by her graveside, the sun was beaming down. I looked at her pride and joy: her two precious girls. I wanted to take away their pain, but my own pain was to great as I relived our childhood. It was like a replay in my mind's eye unravelling in slow motion. Our adventures in Alice's wonderland ... our more intimate discussions ... and the evil we faced together.. I would go and sit by her side when I was on duty at the hospital, spending my breaks with her. Talking ... reminiscing ... laughing ... she never once complained. She was always strong, even at the very end. She died at home with her husband and  two girls by her side ... my beautiful sister, whom I miss so much. I look back and admire how brave she was ... my sister ... my best friend. What would I do without her? Tears spilled down my face, dripping silently.

  I started going down a downward spiral. Our Joy would have told me to get a grip. Again I would question God. She was only forty-two years old: her husband, and girls needed her more than he did.

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