Splish-sPlAsHiN' in fish fashion.



True 200 degree vision, with fish colored glasses.


  I'm sure most would appreciate this recluse fish divulging SOMETHING USEFUL from my globe bowl that illuminates the intricacies of Natural being. Ha! Me too...

With that, you knew I'd share some slice of juicy sushi with a bite of personal wasabi philosfishy..Grin.


 My swim, in the raw wilderness of pristine, Natural, forested isolation, combined with a limited capacity for reason, truncated attention span, corrupt education, and a wayward cultural dogma dictating "She" needed "taming", has afforded this cautiously intrusive, powerfully observant yet, over analytical nemophilist and eleutheromanian a perspective on how life really works...

Or, by watching Nature, I understand my place.

 Many wonderful, useful, life altering lessons learned for SOMEONES' self-help book.


 Real life is messy, In fact, the messier the better. Neat freaks beware, trying to "tidy up" life is counterproductive, problematic and wholly unhealthy.

But, rejoice, neat freak, personal organization IS healthy, in balance.

Life IS organized, just not like your desktop.

"Progress is the art of preserving order among chaos and chaos among order" -unknown-

Translation; A balance, excess is NOT best, more is NOT better, sometimes less IS more and "all things in moderation".


 Balance is her language. I'm no biologist, oh wait, yes I am!

When a species, other than you, man, exhausts resources, respective gene pool or the ability to co-exist, they Naturally reduce their own populations;

 Lemmings will commit mass suicides to preserve resources for subsequent generations.

I'm not promoting a cult, nor death, just calling it as I see it, here, now..

Whether plant, animal, fungus or virus. Balance, again.


 Life is good AND bad, light AND dark, joy AND misery, pretty much in equal proportions, (balance).

WE, are also these things and, like life, we must develop a default mechanism or at least a predilection for happiness.

I must digress for a moment, swim with me.

Birds of prey miss 3 of 4 tries at fish and other food sources, not a good average for survival, yet they do not give up, pout, get angry, fight or start campaigns of hate or genocide.

"The eagle that missed the fish today, gets the hare tomorrow" -unknown-

However, you mans tend to perpetually inflate, exacerbate and conflate misery like a hobby.

Worse is, discounting or negating the joys and blessings.

This is most peculiar and quite disturbing as, I have always thought the opposite, (frequently).


 I don't want to get existential, well, I do but, not here..

Coincidence, fate, deja vu, karma, luck or uber snafu, ones' bedlam is another ones' order.

It behooves us to stay sharp and agile on our fins or feet and life smiles at those who can react rapidly to unforseen occurrences with positive intent.

Expect the unlikely, it happens without our consent and for reasons we may or not ever discover.

"We may not aim our canoe with any certainty but, we can paddle our butts away from the traps and falls".

-Mi Oon- 

Interspecies relationships abound in Nature, many analogous to us, like hundreds of harmonies in a choir of individuality yet, in perfect pitch, tone, volume and balance.

"Life is like swimming in milk chocolate, mostly sweet but, sour fruits and hard nuts get dipped too"

-Towt Wwiff- The one with thumbs who writes inanities for fish.


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