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Alex Small
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Linn Dowless Lynn Dowless
   Personally, I choose Trump over Hillary. I say that with hesitation only in the temptation not to even vote at all, as I have chosen to do for the last twenty five years due to the lack of truly qualified candidates who really stand for the American people, rather than the Federal Reserve and the corporations that have grown up around it, Like the last Presidential candidate before him during the last two elections, Trump says all of the right things. In the end appeal to emotion never triumphs over mathematical law, no matter how much the spin doctors desire for us to believe otherwise
   A finite resource base can never absorb an infinite number of people. If we reject this basic rule of law, then we are guaranteed to suffer major problems economically and in every other way; as we already have, especially when we conjunct our present day approach of mismanagement with outsourcing, automation and the like . This law may be tested by attempting to force a gallon of water into the six ounce glass. Let the gallon of water equal an infinite number of people and the six ounce glass represent the finite resource base!
  Then we have the other rule of law. Those who originate from nations that sponsor extreme violence, can only be anticipated to engage in the same actions, until we develop machinery that can both effectively and consistently separate the good from the bad. Reality is simply just as brutal as these words speak. Appeal to emotion combined with idealized world views will only lead to an eventual collapsed economy, with many more people laying silently in the grave yard. Maybe such is the true intent of the elitist who manage the USA of today.
   Should Trump win the Presidency, in the end he will bow down and kiss the same pair of boots that all of the others have before him. If he refuses to abide by their demands, he may well wind up going down in the history books for reasons that we had rather not contemplate here. Jefferson warned us well regarding  today's truth when he warned us to beware the banks. All that these institutions are on the verge of doing is robbing the entire nation blind. Soon, and very soon.., "the people of America will wake up homeless in the land that their fathers conquered."