Alice Norton (Amelia Vandersgast)
Alice Norton
(Amelia Vandersgast)
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Livelyhood 113

Sleep Is For the Weak



Mandela say,

Playing small nah serve the world,

And that there is nothing enlightened about shrinking so other won’t feel insecure,

Thus I can’t hold back no more,

With no apology,

I have to be free,

Can’t hold me no longer,

Remember what I told ya,

Gentrification has already started,

Check out the high class apartments,

Being built in working class neighbourhoods,

The government plans,

To move you from the land,

And change the whole social character of your local area,

Just like the lower eastside in Manhattan America,

City council has cut the human rights commission’s funding,

And forced it to no longer exist,

Just like justice,

Legal services commission tightening its remit,

People kicked of disability benefit,

No employment,

Equals more crime,

Consequently this means more people dying,

Whilst the royal fam sit in their castle,

We are treated as expendable cattle,

I observe people travel,

On the multi-cultural slave vessels,

Every morning between seven and nine,

And in the evenings around six, six, six,

They don’t even notice,

The chemtrails plaguing the sky like locust,

The whole jobs market is changing,

Machines are taking over everything,

Government slowly brings the changes in,

Tip toeing,

So you do not notice,

Simultaneously the media hypes up some irrelevant bullshit to obscure your focus,

Order out of chaos is their motive,

Yet they create both that’s where the joke is,

Soon every store will be self service kiosks,

Every human subservient,

An Orwellian state,

Make no mistake,

Slavery nah end,

They just moved the shackles from your feet to your brains,

The media is fake,

And distorts the news,

Distorts the truth,

It seeks to control your perspective, thus your actions,

You have to question what’s their objective, agenda and intention?

At present there is a worldwide war,

Being waged on the indigenous and the poor,

But it’s like you can’t or won’t see,

Until it’s at your door,

In your home,

Big brother’s watching like 1984,

Thoughts become crimes enforced by law,

The implementation of code 46 and many more,

The government does not care about your post code tribal war,

Because it destroys ourselves and our communities,

There is nothing new to this,

Machiavellian strategy,

Which the powers used to aid the colonialization on countries,

Generation by generation,

We’re filling the graveyards and prisons,

 And we exhaust our future,

As the children get caught up younger,

Mothers and fathers feel the pain,

Cos there ain’t no human rights, no justice, no law,

The biggest demonstration to put an end to war,

Overlooked and ignored,

If the government doesn’t represent the voice of the people,

What the fuck is it for?

In a position like this,

We must refuse and resist,

Organize and persist,

World powers are tightening their grip,

On the worlds resources,

Soon you won’t get any job seekers,

Or any other kind of benefits,

They don’t care if you cannot afford to live,

But they do want to put microchips inside your kids,

And we’ll all be living like KZ-60-90-W-SMITH,

They’ve created a society that is repressive,

Yet we are there unwitting accomplice,

While we sleep,

They live....


 Livelyhood 113