Bonnie Morawa (willow moon)
Bonnie Morawa
(willow moon)
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Andie Burn
Hi! Your article caught my eye and interests me. My late mother passed away in 2003. Not long after she died, both me and my brother quite distinctly heard her voice call out our names — independently of each other and during quite mundane, everyday activities.
    My mom lived with my brother for a few months before she died and he says he can sometimes still 'smell' her wafting through the house — as if she has just had a bath! He can smell the lovely soap and hand cream she always liked to use.
    Last year I took my grown daughter to the States (we live in the UK) to visit my mother's hometown in Tennessee — to visit with her childhood girlfriend — and to visit the cemetery where her ashes are interred. Mother loved yellow flowers, so we took her a beautiful yellow bouquet to place at her marker. It was a lovely, warm summer's day and as we knelt to place the flowers down by mother's grave, a yellow butterfly suddenly fluttered above our heads and came to rest on the flowers, where it stayed for half a minute or so. My daughter and I looked at each other but said nothing for a while, as we continued to sit in the warm grass and just take time to remember Mom ('Nannie' to my daughter) and enjoy the peacefulness of the cemetery. The butterfly had flown to a nearby tree where it rested for time, before circling once more around us and in and out of the flowers. It fluttered away into the sunshine and we tried to follow it with our gaze but it had disappeared. Neither my daughter or I are religious people but we knew and felt. strongly that we had been in the presence of my mother's loving spirit. There is more to life than we understand.
Kind Regards, Andrea Burn