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Ken Finton
I had forgotten about the metronome experiments. That in itself is worthy of as article. 

You have many good points and I am here to tell the readers that $14 for the paperback of your book and $4 for the ebook is a good investment. They will enjoy both and help to support your writing efforts in the future.  Everyone who reads this should click the link and but the ebook so they can read it while waiting for the hardback to arrive. The paper book has large print in a large format handsomely printed and easy to hold.

Porn is popular.  It is free and everywhere on the computer. No longer to people have to buy videos and DVDs. Erotica is the best selling genre of fiction. It is an easy way to gain an audience and easy to give away free. Seems like most everything is free these days …  but you do generally get what you pay for.

Prize winning fiction and literary fiction do not sell as much as the free erotica or the Amazon paid versions and the porn, but the lasting power of literature is much greater. A hundred years from now the great books will still be in print and the pulp will be recycled. 

So Chloe is right about her role as an erotic writer. She does mix literary style with pornographic imagery. It serves the purpose she envisions of stimulation and a little education, but is heavy on the stimulation aspect which actually sells the books.

There are only so many ways to describe and view sex. Even porno is better in the hands of an artist.  One blow job and ass thumping is quite a bit like another. It is that way in life as well. Most sexual acts feel very much the same. The married couples must constantly find new ways to stimulate and make things new — and that is where erotica helps to educate and inform.

Chloe is among the best in her genre.  I still hope she turns to more literate works in the future as she has a great mind for parable and myth and the lessons to be learned from the past.  Like in movies, great characters, superb acting and unique scripts can entertain us for eternity while the lone ranger masturbating in a corner has only momentary appeal.

That being said, I urge everyone to support Chloe's career and click that link right now to get one or both of the Katie books. It costs less than a McDonalds meal for the ebook and it the cost of one decent steak at a restaurant for the paperback.