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Connie Jordan Poet's Eyes
I was not making excuses, I was verbalizing a reality that you seem to refuse to see objectively — like I said I am not a demon slayer and my expectation was just what I got back from you, rants and curses — I ain't mad at you though. 

I still think you need to read some psychology books though cause number one — everybody is not made of the same stuff and sometimes actions that have been perpetrated for generation have a tendency to drain people, make them feel frustrated and angry — so was the rise of ISIS.  number 2 — you talk about blacks taking responsibilty, but fail to mention how white cops killing black kids can be held liable monetarily for the deaths to the tune of millions but are not held accountable or responsible for the death even after they are caught in lies — they keep their jobs.

It has always been a psychological game and yes, I sometimes get frustrated with black people as well but more than frustrated, I understand what has happened and is still happening.  We, as a people have always seen the violence of police officers but that perception has always been denied and even now with so many videos, it is still being denied and justified — when you deny my experiences, you deny me and that's the problem be it economic, educationally (seperate but equal), employment and any other level — even now the plan is to hinder voting rights which had been somewhat resolved.

White folks deny what they do to black Americans and will to the bitter end when it would be so simple to admit the wrongs, say I'm sorry and move forward showing by dedicating time, money and effort to change their behaviors — but that is not happening. 

In my opinion it is people like you who hold back black progress because you blame the victim instead of the perpetrator and white folks love to be absolved of their wrong doing by people like you but there are plenty of blacks who are tired of the ugly and are demanding change (not that I think that will work). 

But again like I said, I am not a demon slayer and when dealing with irrational minds, I know it is a wasted effort so I will leave this conversation saying we will agree to disagree, or not.

I could be ugly here but... 

Keep living in 'your' world but know that your world does not make mines — there is a world that revolves around reality and you just aren't there yet.  In all your getting in life, get understanding (Proverbs)

Peace My Brother!!!

PS — you could read my book Personification of Injustice, found on — it may enlighten you to the condition but since you already 'know' it all, maybe not.
Connie Jordan Poet's Eyes
Yes, I agree with Ken, I bet you have white people loving these words.  I have been in the world for too long to agree with your words because everybody does not have the same life you've had, lots of blacks are with their parents who have been defeated and depleted by the racism that still exists.  I worked for the State in a progressive state and experienced the worst racism I have ever experienced in my entire life and they play the games just like they did with Obama (when they can not critize your work/work ethic then they begin to critize the person) blocking promotions and in Obama's case blocking anything they could and still trying to block the appointment of the Justice.

Lots of blacks live in the inner cities, they are harassed on a daily basis by police.  They live in ghettos where they were originally delegated, their kids are underfed, undereducated, disrespected and stripped of hope — this passes down through generations, as their kids eat lead paint off the walls and now in their water, deminishing mental capacity,  while their parents are so wore down, living hopless lives, getting strung out on the drugs that were funneled into our communities not too long ago which has reached out and touched the lives of whites as well.

Reading this made me shake my head in disgust because I know the real deals but because of your specific experiences, you sit in judgment of others who have had different experiences.  While I can go along with some of what you said, I can not go along with your put down of the black experience cause it seems like you really don't have a clue about human nature and the crimes against black folks (especially in inner cities) that have been perpetrated for generations — yet nothing has really change in terms of attitudes towards blacks and until hearts and minds are changed, which is an inside, individual thing cause like you said it is not about legislating behavior, we will be in this same situation 50 years from now — marching in the streets begging the white man for justice and equality.

Please read some books, immerse yourself in a black community, see the experiences through experience before you sit in judgment of your own people.  I was born and raised in Cleveland, Ohio, the most racist, segregated place I have ever lived, it left scars.  I grew up in the struggle when Malcolm X, Martin Luther and the Black Panthers emerged out of desparation and I, to some extent, know that desparation  still exists!! 

I could say more but I also know from experience that I am not a demon slayer (a hard lesson I learned), I can't change your mind with my words, I'm just trying to give you something to think about as scene after scene after scene has been videotaped over the last couple of years regarding police actions that are reckless and show the total disrespect of black life — those police that are guilty of homicide, lies and denials but are never held accountable.

And I don't hate white folks I just don't understand their hate towards blacks and in my life time I have tried to wrap my head around hate, even tried to hate at times but it is too irrational for my head.  My question becomes what planet are you living on??