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D-K JByran Kyylaa
He is an embarrassment to the United States of America.  Before he became elected countries had opted NOT to allow him into our country.  When we make decisions as important as this it's not about being a Democrat or Republican or even whether it is a woman.

Who is not a crook in Washington but I believe the Lobbyist have their hand in most pockets.  Before the campaign the FBI/FCC..- whatever had filed papers notifying DT he was under investigation and they would be in one of his offices to look over emails.  What did he do?  Had all his computers thrown out and got new ones replaced.  Now if it were anyone else they would thrown in jail but he again acts like he knew nothing about it. Time and time FBI went into Clintons emails during her campaign I wonder whose pockets they were in and finally admitted no fault. Many of his contributions came from his companies under different names.  Why didn't they investigate ALL of DT's emails?  Ponzi scams, a University non-accredited, from one to the next foundation and one paid the other and no money was ever given to the cause. 

I remember someone saying put his big pants on!  Every times he lost he blamed it on someone else — sometimes you win on an issue sometimes you lose. He obviously knows nothing about running the Government or for that matter names of Leaders of other countries and Diplomacy means nothing to him.  He continues to act like a child not getting his way and how could anyway NOT be concerned when he said he would go into office throwing this out and that!  His IQ is not even in the ball park for being a President.   When you have George Bush, the most conservative Morning News Commentator who had been doing it I dare say for 25 years and had enough, George Will said I am gone.  Recently he said he would sue Washington, DC before you attempt being failed again how about paying all your suits off DT;

He didn't make American good again! In the eyes of the world we were doing are Jobs and like other countries had to deal with immigrants but it was the Terrorists what was of the utmost importance. Built a Golf Course in Scotland and told them they would have to pay for the walls.  Homeowners who most likely had no knowledge/blueprints if some square footage was going to cause a problem in homes they've lived their entire lives and definitely doesn't have the money he has. Being a President is not Reality TV and I wonder was it because he was a billionaire most voted.  Even during his campaigns he had shirts Black Lives Matter and they were worn by whites.  The money he says he has is far from the truth.  Since when did any candidate NOT show his taxes but use the excuse his lawyers said not to.   Well there would have been 100,000's of people using this ploy.  If you are honest you have nothing to hide and this lawyer is still practicing law!

What President does not do his country proud and live in the White House???  Someone that has a lot to hide!!!.  Have you ever heard of a 24 course meal served omg I am certain there was not a thought of giving it to shelters, homeless places were it could be used but instead thrown out.  He tweeted the NY Times 23 times one night and  NY Times received 41,000 new subscribers,   I guess it is safe to say learning how to run the USA is second.   He used terms p......u and F....and crudeness of the size of his hands and even referenced his daughter if wasn't he'd date.  Bomb, Nuclear Weapons that is nothing to toy with and definitely not infuriate  a country like Korea who has been on the verge of that for years. Speak of Mexicans working in the USA he also has them working for him but says "just for the summer". Sadly, there has been wars going on since BC but we sure don't want to say we'll bomb then, make walls and have them pay for it.  These are serious times and our Nation should be run by Serious people.

We know the people that were on board voting for him and forgive me there IQ would not help the USA and now he talks out of both sides of his neck.  How could the FBI claim DT has no ties with Russia when last count his son/son-in law whatever has $7 million+ invested in Russia.  As a candidate you tell Russia to go into Clinton's emails whether they were hers as well as others — let's be real there has always been a cold war with each country.  Saying that was an act of TREASON! When he has Putin at a State Dinner then what?

Did people vote because he was a Billionaire — just how many businesses have gone bankrupt!!  Don't kid yourself he will keep his $ and take yours.  There will be new wars and your children's children will be lost and children will ask you why did you vote  This has nothing to do with color although any one can see he has brought hatred back to the USA. I have four lineages flowing through my veins just found out I was only 20% Black, Sioux, Cheraw (blend of Cherokee), Jewish and thanks to Thomas Jefferson Anglo-Saxon too.  I am proud of everyone as a whole because I am more open and want to hear all sides. 

 So many wars, men/woman perished and with their last breath they wanted our flag to wave freely on that hill.  SO YES I am against what is going on with people not standing up for our flag but at the same time last years Super bowl performance was despicable how many applauded. Times change of course, meanings are different but one thing remains the same the sacrifices those made for the love of our country.  Teaching the young today to be disrespectful is dangerous and shameful as a Parent.  Your first obligation is to teach them RESPECT.

Think of the Here..The Now. and the Future.  Nations no longer believe the USA is strong.  REMEMBER that bigotry, racism and prejudice is what our country fought against — how we became the Leader of all Nations — The World!  DT is only for himself he is an Actor, and what we need for a President has to do with Character, Dignity, Honesty and the Willingness to Listen and the Diplomatic diplomacy not to say your fired or walk out of a meeting.  This is NOT what made USA what it is today.