Don Beukes (Salamander)
Don Beukes
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Don Beukes Salamander
I am tempted to vomit a barrage of astonished utterances that might offend some after reading such one sided, negative, piercing ignorant statements about the country of my birth!
Yes there is a 'third world' culture/attitudes/mindset/traditions element about SA but to paint this as the status quo for the whole country? A country so diverse in cultures and traditions, it blows my mind how even in today's modern world, SA is still targeted by writers without giving ALL dimentions to the country! What got me was the suggestion that wild animals lurk around every corner in any part of the country no matter where you drive! What utter nonsense! And to think that there are still ignorant, ill informed and misinformed eager ears and eyes that will believe anyhting remotely primitive about the country! Yes things are different in many aspects especially the languages and cultures but that is just what makes SA such a great and interesting country! Born in Cape Town ( In a suburn ONLY for coloureds or 'mixed race' people, the only time I saw wild animals was at a zoo or safari park. I seriously question the current wave of far right, Afrikaans speaking white Saffas still vomiting utter racist rhetoric on social media in SA AND I am equally shocked by the racist tennis match between whites AND blacks! The day someone writes a balanced article on SA, I might have more respect for them! But this is a shameful, one sided, bitter reflection of a country which is still shaking from a lifetime of colonial oppresion and the current government is also not making it easy to unite ALL people in SA. I look forward to a more intelligent vision, be it positive or negative, the next time this writer wants to educate the world or in this case the USA about a country which many still have no clue about!