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I personally believe, Dmitry, that Evil exists. Recognizing that something is evil is different from judging something as Evil. I may know that prostitution, for example, in itself, is an evil thing, but this is different from saying to the prostitute : you are evil.
Nothing in this universe is evil ( in Christianity). Fire ( as an element) is good in itself. For humans fire gives us warmth, but it also burns us. Why do we burn when we are exposed to fire, why are we vulnerable by nature, this is another subject. Being imperfect is not an evil characteristic. Imperfection is a characteristic of what is created, otherwise it would create itself. Natural disasters are not evil, and you gave the proof in your article. If we use nuclear power to light the streets of a city, this is good. But if you use nuclear power to kill the citizens of Hiroshima, that is evil ( or an act of evil). You may argue that this is a relative notion, and that it must be included in a broader spectrum and into the wider perspective, that is some killing may be "good" and some other killing is "bad". But this very notion does not prove that evil does not exist, quite the contrary. At least on the logical level, how could this notion of relativity be applicable if evil does not exist.
Concerning religion ( the article talks about religion in general), evil is never the driving power that propels man forward to do good. It is good that is the incentive to do good, because it is not in the interest of evil to drive us away from evil. We do good either to avoid evil ( = a negative attitude), or to do good for the sake of good itself (=proactive or positive attitude). If Love and evil are a necessary "blend", this means that we are always slaves to something we can never get rid of, and that is evil, because without its presence nothing is possible. In the article you said that "the concepts of good, bad, ugly, beautiful, moral or immoral etc., just like the concept of Evil, do not exist outside of human society". Does that include God? Isn't there anything that transcends human society? Are we larger than any of these "concepts" so that we are able to contain them?
I don't believe that man is evil. Because he has a free will, he can either choose to do good or evil. And if societies are by definition a group of individuals and the relations in between them, evil is not only to blame the individual, but also society(ies). Yet, blaming is not judging. Who are we to judge? But that does not mean that evil does not exist.
If we see one side of the moon, and some see it as crescent or a half-moon, this does not mean that the "universal" or "absolute" notion is that the moon is a complete sphere.

Evil is not a notion created by man. A limited, imperfect being like man cannot create an absolute notion (or concept, or an idea...etc). But that does not mean that these notions do not exist.