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L Schneider Persephone81
Hi there,
having read your article in full, I would just like to say that many of the concerns you mentioned are quite valid. One day of marching will never undo years of political apathy. But if you've been paying attention since then, you'll notice that since then, women (particularly those supporting or working at Planned Parenthood) have been marching nearly every day. I can attest to this being that I, myself am a member of a local chapter of supporters of Planned Parenthood and the work it does. So, while we're still waking up in this society, we ARE doing something. On that note, I'd also invite you to look up some of your local political activism groups that express concern for women's rights. is a particularly good one, if you're not sure where to start. Secondly however, I would like to express some concerns about the things you spoke of. You questioned why no one got involved before the election by turning out to vote but as a woman, I both voted for Clinton and canvassed so that many others would do so. The reason I chose to march afterward is precisely because my vote was rendered null by the ultimate result. Many of us voted for Hillary and were utterly despondent to find that in the end, it accomplished nothing. And what did we do in response? We marched. We marched because we DO care about what happened that day. I hope it doesn't bother you but I'd like to quote something you said here: "Wishing he will fail, is like hoping our whole country will fail, it's just stupid. We must pray that he can change the things he said he would, to make America great again. We must hope that he will do good for our country, because if he does we all benefit from it."  After everything that Trump has already done, do you really still believe that he honestly wants what's best for our country or it's women? Forgive for asking but, did YOU vote for Trump. Because the things you say certainly suggest that you have a rather ambivalent attitude towards him. Which, is of course your right. You had a right to vote for whoever you felt was more qualified. But if you did vote for Hillary, I'm surprised to see that you might genuinely believe that Trump is anything other than a compulsive liar. I know this message has gone on quite a but and if you've read this far, I thank you. However, I must lastly address another of your comments in which you remarked that Lady Gaga and Madonna were vulgar. While you certainly have a right to feel this way, it is dismaying that you seem to believe that women do not have the right to express their sexuality openly and without shame. How these women have chosen to express themselves over the course of their career is a personal choice that some may agree with and some not but it is one of their most basic freedoms to do so. That said, if you've been paying attention, Lady Gaga is a long-time supporter and activist for both LGBT and women's rights and sexual freedoms. She has quite often "put her money where her mouth is" literally and suffered political consequences by being called vulgar by Right wing news pundits and even by political figures who denounced the fact that she champions the rights of transgendered individuals. I recommend you look into her history of activism if you have yet to do so. In finality, I would just like to say that choosing NOT to demonstrate is as much a right as to choose to do so. However, it is unfair for you to expect deference or to accuse other women of apathy when you, yourself have also chosen to remain all but silent (save on Scriggler, of course). If you do not support the marches, that's fine. But be kind enough not to chastise those who actively seek change for women in this country unless you are also willing to stand beside us. Thank you and please be well.