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S P Oldham
HI, this is a very honest and open post. Without wishing to sound patronising, I think it takes a lot of guts to own up about addiction and such personal issues as depression. I have family members who fight against it so I have some idea what you are going through, though of course, not a real idea — how could I? I am one of the lucky ones, and I am well aware of it.

As to Idris Elba — I am not going into the whole black/white debate because to be honest, whether the actor who plays the part is black or white is moot as far as I am concerned, as long as he does a good job. Have you ever seen anything with Idris in it? If not, let me recommend the television series (UK, not sure about US but bound to be online somewhere) called Luther. In my personal opinion the man is an excellent actor, very mean and moody, physically intimidating and, added bonus, drop dead gorgeous! lol. He has been in quite a lot of things actually, try the film Mandela. Brilliant! Look out for him in RocknRolla and, well, loads of stuff. The man is a great actor and I am sure he will make a brilliant Roland (I am a Stephen King fan too, but of the books, not the films tbh, can read horror (in fact I write it) but cannot watch it, can't stomach gore.) I LOVED the Dark Tower!

Anyway, enough blathering. I respect that you know yourself and that you are not afraid to admit to all your foibles — we all have them, after all. I hope things get better for you and that you continue to enjoy the net. I don't promise I will always agree with you, but I give you my word that any responses I do make will be honest ones.

Best wishes x

P.S I really hate to be picky but I can't help myself — Truly Moody, as opposed to Truely Moody (no e) but feel free to ignore ;-)