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Hannelore Adler
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Hannelore Adler

Painful but true, many use to say that to love someone just because he or she is handsome, or cool, or intelligent, or funny or rich is just not love, because when health, beauty or money goes, usually love goes too.

It is a wonderful feat to love someone and encourage them to become a better person, but sometimes also it might set some kind of expectative about who you really would want your significant other to become, as it happened to me, I used to love someone to the grade of idolizing him so much I thought he was flawless, and at the same time, he use to idealize me so much he thought I would become somebody who I really never came to be, and that doesn´t mean we failed, only we both aimed at different targets and acted accordingly.

That perhaps was the worst moment, what remains then after you find your dreams shattered like a broken glass? You find the bare soul, naked, frail, and broken after the initial disappointment; you see what your couple expected of you, and how lacking you were found. That is what we found ourselves, for us the “love you for who you are” moment came after the realization that there was still love enough to keep going on, and that there was not to be more deception, secrets or false expectations for each of us.

It was the time to say, I love you still, even though you are not the great person I thought you were, and I accept that we are not perfect.

But you are right, there should always be room for improvement, as I could say, I love you even you cheated on me, because now you are a better man and act more maturely and won´t commit the same mistake again, as he could say, I love you because you didn´t follow the path I´d choose for you, but you have found your way in life.

Love is not about making someone fulfill our lost gone dreams, is loving someone no matter how they are, because there is something special in them, a tiny gem we can see growing, perhaps we can help it flourish, perhaps it would better grow by itself.
Hannelore Adler

I´ve seen this article was written about a year ago, still it will always be a trend topic. Do the media control us? It really tries so hard to control and to uneducate that it is difficult to notice. In many countries there is a liberty of expression, living in Mexico, we didn´t know what it was for many years, so, say that someone criticized the government on the news, it was most likely to disappear a couple of days later… yes, the piece of news and the perpetrator.

After a change of government we had a decade of fresh air and then everything started over again, this was more noticeable in a state called Veracruz, where the government received the full support of the drug mafia, and news reporters were killed and disappeared every day.

Usually when people try to complain or demonstrate against the government, they most likely disappear, and then the media dismisses the news as a riot of vandals, somebody just asking for trouble; discrediting the causes that led the missing people to dream of a real democracy, which we are totally lacking the people stop acting for fear of being the next ones. It is outrageos how once, as this people got missing after being arrested, one functionary dismissed the worries of the parents saying that they might be just away partying, or with the girlfriend, and not to worry.

Also, the best way to control the masses is to show them that everything is just fine, and setting smokescreens when it isn´t. That´s why El Chapo, the drugdealer kingpin was captured when the government was in its lowest popularity point, then again it escaped and hid the government fails, and a couple of days ago, that the dollar price got real high, he was captured again by the same commando that did the great feature the first time, how fortunate!

Of course, when the media doesn´t have drugdealers to fetch and release, they always have football, the national league against any other country, never mind which. Which leads to the ultimate reason of existence in Mexico of the media: to entertain. As Emilio Azcárraga Milmo, the late owner of Televisa, the most important media quoted 22 years ago: “México es un país de una clase modesta muy jodida, que no va a salir de jodida. Para la televisión es una obligación llevar diversión a esa gente y sacarla de su triste realidad y de su futuro difícil.” "Mexico is a country of a modest very (f***) impoverished class, that will not come out of impoverished. For the Television it is an obligation to bring fun to these people and take them out of their sad reality and difficult future."

As it went on, in third world countries, the media are only business, to sell shows to the poor and, in return, to guarantee the system the submission of the "(f***) impoverished " and the political control via the remote control information.

As this CEO called themselves: “We are the soldiers of the PRI (the most powerful Political Party) and the president”

About your points:

  1. Sadly, the idea of becoming an objective media is more than utopic, to create some kind of UN of news would be a good way to monopolize even worse the media, if the investors have personal interests here.
  2. It is said that beauty is in the eyes of the beholder, the way of writing the news too, what for me could be a wonderful idea of removing an old house to create a safe children playground cold be for you a catastrophe due to some historical importance. Also movies have shown us that there are good and bad guys, we see today wars and the world has different opinions about who are the good or bad ones.
  3. If the media was there made to educate, there wouldn't be so many soapoperas encouraging the Cinderella way of life: be poor, just dream to win the lottery or marry a wealthy man, meanwhile, buy this and this…
  4. In Mexico, government doesn´t really support science, nor invests in it, not researches so much, it´s not so profitable. So scientists prefer to go abroad to make further studies or researches.


If you want to read, you can find the news about the late CEO here, it´s in Spanish, tough… have a nice day.

“Televisión para jodidos” by Jenaro Villamil, 19 de marzo de 2013 Proceso.com.mx