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Julius S. Peyton
You have to love before you can hate! Because hating evil is really loving good and the world at large and Government especially thinks they are in a Fantasy where the bad guys look like Orcs!

Disagreement can lead to Dehumanization in a world so ego-bound that many lack the will to empathize with their neighbors, let alone a person on the other side of the world, or a universal empathy in the Macrocosmic Mindset. 

Country is an expansion of the ego. Religion and family as well. None of them think with a Macrocosmic Mindset, they think only for the benefit of their institution- just like an ego would think only of amassing more for the self.

Your reference to the scarcity of resource and the impending conflict backs up my claim that all countries are ego bound. The ego is concerned with survival and physical wealth alone, and it is what is fighting for us when we go to war for oil or water, but it is the very concept of scarcity that makes this a problem. Think about it. If we were in an alternate reality where the world had decided to work together and stopped spending our time on our military and war we would have more organized, fair, and better distribution policy, execution, and technology for all our major resources! 

What I think it comes down to is pride. Pride in your country and its values leads to war with others. Pride in religion leads to the the dehumanization of others. Pride to your family leads to disassociation of others. Pride in your personal belief and way of being leads to arguments with others.

Religion is the most powerful of these examples. In order to achieve the paradigm shift, we need a religious commitment to one word... HUMILITY 

All religions, and philosophy take pride in the 'fact' that they have found the 'right path', but in all actuality- the human condition does not allow for any absolute truth.
(Reference- Plato's Cave)

Therefore, we should be prideful of the fact that we can admit that most of the things we think, and believe are wrong and we know very little about this reality that we are in.

Pridefulness in Humility- will lead us to some semblance of actual humanity and open the door to more lucid empathy because it will open the door to more commonality and a realization of the human race as one clan.

One last note: Obama was applauded, most loudly last night for killing Osama bin Laden. When we take pride in death an killing, we know we still live in the Barbarian Age.

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