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Dmitry Selemir
Interesting, I personally remain unconvinced by the hybrid book formats. It seemed really exciting when first appeared but ultimately stumbled over a number of practical reasons not all of which can be overcome  easily by more advanced technology. I think multiple media formats in the book would serve as a distraction. Perhaps I'm just too old fashioned, but to me reading, especially reading fiction is all about imagination. The reader has to interpret the authors words and imagine them, relive them in their heads. This is why books are always better than movies — we are part of the creation process and it is important. Hybrid book formats will eat into that process rather than enhance it and I think that's not a good thing. 
Seriously though I think the future is not with the different type of media, but with different way of distributing. The last decade has been all about finding that one thing that works for as many people as possible. That's great of course — but we are, after all, individuals. Not everything works for everyone. Finding a new format for the media that will not rely on the virality of the product, but instead rely on the distribution channel that can bring the right piece of content to the right person — this is the way forward. Eventually we will have newspapers, store fronts, event listing websites, etc. all appear differently to different people — based on the way they tend to interact with them. Doesn't mean they'll have personalised stories written for them, but, for example, out of  5-6 stories written on the same subject they will see the one in the format, length and written by the journalist they are more likely to want to read. We are already moving towards it in advertising. It's very crude, but basic elements are there.
Incidentally this is something we have started playing around with at Scriggler (that Surprise me button at the top right corner has a similar idea behind it). For now we didn't pursue it far enough — there are far more important problems to solve, but this is something we'd like to explore a lot more and is part of our key appeal to the writers of the future. It's all about directing poetry and stories and opinions to the right audience, based on detailed comparative and statistical analysis of reading patterns of the audience as a whole.
Ken Finton
This is a valid description of the current state of philosophy and scientific reasoning.

Examining this story's dialog, I see no one place that it leaves logic behind. This may be the fatal flaw in the arguments, as there is a positive and negative value to any idea. 

The conversation ends with "Nihilist: Passionate attempts to negate are only monumental efforts to find that which cannot be negated." 

That which cannot be negated is the awareness that precedes even the birth of consciousness. That is deep within all of us and is directly experienced by everyone at all times. It is a priori. The very fact that either we exist or something else that does not materially exist makes up and dreams us into the being  that we perceive  to be ourselves is logically undeniable.

We make our first attempt at belief when we expand this awareness in which we experience our own being into the outer world and come to the conclusion that all being has this awareness. 

Science has known that the ultimate reality of nature is composed of immaterial electronic fields for more than a hundred years. It is religion and ideology that has for millennia confused the bigger picture in its attempts to control the behavior of the populations, They add a sense of morality that is not a part of natural process in order to create a social bonding.

Nihilis says: "Back to square zero. Or should I say Ouroboros."
  1. The ouroboros or uroboros (/jʊərɵˈbɒrəs/; /ɔːˈrɒbɔrəs/, from the Greek οὐροβόρος ὄφις tail-devouring snake) is an ancient symbol depicting a serpent or dragon eating its own tail.
Yes, back to the drawing boards, back to the beginnings leave us here. That is the way the cosmos appears by necessity. 

Creating a new working morality with quantum principles is the task before science and philosophers at this time.  

Thanks for adding your voice to the unfolding drama.