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Ken Mastin Kenneth L
To be Continued.... It wasn't till 2005 when I was living in Rhode Island when I heard about the Ohio politician who got arrested for stealing from a pension fund where they had invested pension funds in to rare coins. Here as I was setting looking at those 5 gold coins I began to wonder. Why would a vendor make such a mistake? Why would a bank give a vendor or make such a mistake as to give a vendor gold coins? So many questions. How do you make such a mistake where you place gold coins in to a vending machine changer meant for quarters to be placed. How did that vender make the same mistake in 5 different rest stops. When you search online you can find all sorts of stories where politicians stole change from parking meters to rare collections to many other things in large sums. The question remains are the 5 gold coins I have part of that rare collection where Ohio politicians lost a lot of senior funding under John R Kasich. Is it connected. Could it be a totally different incident by another person who was just trying to dump the coins or playing Santa Claus? What are the odds and reasons of something like this happening. As I searched the story of Tom Noe from Ohio who got arrested and had invested in rare coins. I realize he had access to companies like that through vending machines in his own offices. He also had access to I-80 through Pennsylvania. Where the Lehman Brothers not a Pennsylvania Company? What is fiction or reality. What are the facts no one knows. It does raise curious questions as to why the $1 gold coins wound up in the wrong place as I was traveling through.