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Kris Peterson Phenix
I read this piece three times, and each time I read it, I discovered something new Liseet. There are several lines that stood out to me. I like how you describe everything competing for its own space, and how the restructuring in our lives "...takes place through submission," and I agree that if we resist change it becomes much more painful. The attitude you describe, "...I do not attempt battles, I adhere faithfully to the change, I'll go where it should take me," is one we should all be brave enough to take.

I also liked how you describe when we make mistakes, or are stuck in indecision, how this process of purging leads to a rebirth of "...only the essence of what endures, what it is on the surface perishes, it wears, or may be replaced by a new wardrobe, according to the weather station." (great images!)

I think you sum it all up really well with the line "...the only thing left is to wait the outcome of a process, that was completed long before starting." If we could look at the challenges in our lives as opportunities to discover the keys to our true freedom, instead of a torture that must be endured, perhaps life would feel a little less painful, no? :)

p.s. I also just wanted to say that I have been watching the news of the turmoil in Venezuela, (I don't know how bad things are) but I hope you, your family and friends are safe. I hope for the best possible outcome for you and your countrymen and women. Please know that there are people around the world thinking of your country, and sending their wishes and prayers for peace, justice and economic stability. Best wishes!