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Brenda Kay Winters brenniewinters
Great article-I was never bullied because My Father was a tax collector and if the mean kids at school were mean to me-my mother called their mothers and told them who I was. In other words-you be mean to my kid-you pay for it-one way or the other.

Police get bullied by people who may cost them their life and they leave behind children-even babies-as they are human too and must follow the laws so they too do not go into prison and if you pretend to be tough-just point a play gun at one-you will be shot and maybe die and leave your mother weeping and angry.

Or take for instance a fire fighter who does not even know who you are and risks his or her life to save your baby when the fire and smke are so hot your child has just died and they know they have 3 minutes to breate into that baby or it will be brain dead-through the smoke blind and not knowing where your baby is of even where your house was because you did not know what  a cross street was or even your address or how to read or write-while you play so tuff--
Wow-I  worked in a jail -as a Nurse-people die in there from drugs too-and they also hang themselves before I can get to them-so what? Sue me because I cared-I cared to risk getting HIV for you-and I do not even know or care what crime you did-
My husband played foot ball and football players do not bully anyone-ha ha ha
He was so big no one messed with him but his older brother-he took care of his little brother by beating him up when mom was not looking. Grew up poor and mean while Daddy made a good living and when he got his paycheck he went to the bar and bought drinks for all his friends while his wife and kids went hungry. The husband tried to hit his mother-she was a school bus driver then teacher and then lost her mind but she beat him so much-in front of the children-my husband grew up ashamed of him and he was told he has many half brothers and sisters all over the USA-wow what a great family. We love you America.