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Tony Caravan
I wish I could offer some words of optimism, but considering the litany you put forth in your essay, all I can do is add more reasons to be pessimistic.

Even if we were to survive the "crisis," the years ahead are fraught with more reasons to be uncertain about the future. The obvious would be the potential for overdue natural disasters such as "the big one" in California, major volcanic eruptions, a potential for another mini-Ice Age, an asteroid hit, a CME or other solar activity and the growing possibility of a pandemic by a superbug.

But let's assume we luck out and none of that happens, the human race is on the verge of self-destructing. Not just because of the proliferation of nuclear weapons and endless wars -- those threats have existed since the Cold War; but because of the arrogance by "the powers that be" that technology will solve every problem.

Our obsession with everything from smartphones and Virtual Reality to A.I. and nanotechnology is leading us down a path where we are ignoring the human condition; and subsequently, the crumbling infrastructure around us. There is clearly a breakaway civilization of the elite, while the majority of people are falling through the cracks of not being able to afford the gadgets, tech, healthcare, rent, bills, debt and even food.

Couple this with an educational system that is responsible for churning out millions of young people who are basically skill-less, without empathy and unable to take care of themselves; and dystopia is not that far away -- actually for tens of millions it's already here.

I can ramble on about this endlessly... check out one my essays about this topic.

Cheers and good luck!