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Martin Marriott

The Good Girl


Kayla Simmons looked into the bathroom mirror and trembled as she smeared blood across the glass.

"I'm a good girl. I'm a good girl. I'm a good girl," she said tearfully. The mirror had so much blood on it that she couldn't see her reflection.

"No you’re not. You just killed someone." Kayla laughed hysterically, but it wasn’t Kayla Simmons that was talking now. It was Karina Simmons. Her other half.

Karina wiped the smeared blood away so that Kayla could see her badly cut face.

Kayla Simmons had shoulder-length blonde hair and light blue eyes. The reflection of Karina Simmons had shoulder-length brown hair and deep brown eyes.

"I didn't do anything. You did!" Kayla shouted back.

Karina laughed back. "I am you. You are me. We've been through this a million times."

"I've been a good girl for a long time," Kayla wept.

"I know, it’s been so boring, hasn't it?" Karina said, running bloodstained fingers through her hair. "I've been so lonely. I've missed you. You must have missed me or you wouldn't have stopped taking Dr Jacobs’ magic tablets." Karina grinned, leaned forward and inspected Kayla's cut lip. "He was a fighter, wasn't he?”

"He was married with a baby!”

"Then he should have kept his dick in his pants.”

"I loved him. He loved me!”

"Stop moaning like a little girl. If you don't mind, I need to clear up your mess.”

"My mess! You slit his throat. You killed him!" Kayla shouted and hit the mirror.

"Maybe I did. Let’s not split hairs," the broken reflection of Karina said. "Let me sort this out.”

Kayla lowered her head and wiped tears from her eyes. She had been a good girl for such a long time. Dr Jacobs’ pills had given her a new lease of life and banished Karina to the depths of her consciousness. Kayla had been happy with Tom Lovell. Ok, he was married with a baby but he and Kayla were in love. He promised when the time was right he was going to leave Paula and little Caleb and start a new life with her. But something had gone wrong. Kayla had stopped taking her tablets. Now Tom lay on the living room floor of her apartment butchered to death. Karina was right, he was a fighter. But he wasn't strong enough for Karina. The others hadn't stood a chance against her, so why would the love of her life be any different.

"Ok," Kayla said slowly. “Do what you have to.”

The bathroom door opened and Karina Simmons emerged looking fresh and clean with a smile spread on her face.


Detective Inspector Jonathan Cain was reading the morning paper and eating his favoured breakfast of scrambled egg on brown toast when the call came. He was on annual leave and that afternoon he was catching a flight to Menorca to spend a week with his brother Matthew and family. He groaned when saw the flashing caller I.D of Detective Sergeant Lucy Able, he cursed under his breath and took the call.

"Able, what could you possibly want.”

"She's back, sir.”

“Who’s back?” Cain said, as he ate a mouthful of scrambled egg.

“Kimberley, sir. Kimberley’s back. A body has been found in Serpentine Woods. It’s got all of the markings of her.”

Cain had been a copper for twenty six years and for twenty of those he had been a detective. Out of all the cases he had been assigned to, there had been only one he didn’t solve. That was of the serial killer known as Kimberley Killer. From the fingerprints and hair samples left at the scenes of crime, the police knew that whoever was doing the killing was female. All of the national databases were searched tirelessly for a match and they never found one. From 2009 until 2010 Kimberley Killer murdered ten males and three females. The motive was never truly clear, but the way the bodies had been butchered even turned the stomachs of time-served officers. Cain did have a suspect who he was convinced was doing the killing but he had no evidence to prove it. The woman was  Kayla Simmons and she worked as a secretary for a law firm called Lovell & Lyle.Simmons came across as all sweet and innocent and she wouldn’t hurt a fly, but there was something about her that unnerved Cain. There had been colour CCTV footage of someone who looked very similar to Kayla Simmons leaving the scene of two of Kimberley’s murders. But Kayla Simmons had blonde hair and blue eyes and this look-alike had brown hair and brown eyes. But what made all the difference was that Kayla Simmons’ D.N.A didn’t match that of Kimberley Killer’s. So the case of Kimberley Killer remained Detective Cain’s only unsolved murder case.

“Are we sure it’s her?” Cain said.

“The letter K is carved into the victim’s skull. It could be a copycat, sir. But I don’t think it is.” Cain could tell she was at the murder scene as he heard the pathologist Dr Simon Byrnes talking in the background.

“I’ll be there in ten minutes,” Cain said as he ended the call. He picked up the keys to his black 1975 MK II 2.0 Ford Capri and promised that this time he would catch the bitch killer if it was the last thing he did.


Kayla woke the next morning with a mind-splitting headache. Whenever Karina came she always left Kayla with a headache. This one wasn't as bad as usual but Karina hadn't been here that long. Another thing that told her that Karina had been was the smell of lemon disinfectant that engulfed the house.

"TOM!" Kayla shouted as she suddenly remembered what had happened. She jumped out of bed and ran into the bathroom and found it spotless and clean. The bathroom mirror was cracked and she looked at her knuckles and saw how badly they were cut. She ran out of the bathroom and down the stairs and barged into the living room, the scene of last night’s crime. It was immaculate and smelled of fresh flowers. On the floor by the fire where she and Tom had made love and then where Karina slit his throat, lay a perfect white rug. It had been drenched in Tom's blood, so had the walls and ceiling when Karina had severed Tom's jugular vein. But as Kayla stood in the middle of the living room with her head in her hands you wouldn't have thought such carnage had taken place.  Karina had cleaned up the mess just like she said she would.

Kayla collapsed onto the sofa and hit her hands on the side of her head. Why had she stopped taking Dr Jacobs’ pills? Why had she let Karina come back? Two years Karina had been gone. Two years Kayla had built herself a life and a home. Okay, so she was having an affair with a married man, who was also her boss, but it was better than it had been. It was better than the killing. Her psychiatrist, Dr Jacobs, was doing wonders with his treatment and Karina was but a distant memory. But why had she, Kayla, stopped taking the pills? When was the last time she saw Dr Jacobs? She needed to talk to him.

 Tom, the love of her life, was dead. The police would soon find his body. She had no idea where Karina would have disposed of it. If she did what she normally did then the media will be whipping up the Kimberley Killer frenzy again and Detective Cain will be paying her a visit soon. She had come so close to a new life. She would mourn Tom Lovell at some point but as of now she had to get hold of Dr Jacobs and get those pills before Karina unleashed her anger on the world again.


“Good morning, Cain. Glad you could join us,” Dr Byrnes said sarcastically, as Cain joined Detective Able in the white examination tent. “Menorca may have to wait.”

“Get bent, Byrnes.” Cain snapped. “I will get to Menorca. I just have to catch a crazy bitch first.” Cain knelt down to  the body of Kimberley’s latest victim.

“Good luck with that. It sure worked last time.” Byrne  pulled back the sheet that covered the body.

“She certainly went to town on him.”

Kimberley had removed both of Lovell’s eyes, cut off his nose and ears. A deep and perfect K was carved into his forehead and his face had been cut and sliced. Cain pulled the sheet further down to reveal the body’s mutilated torso.

“The same as always,” sighed Byrnes. “The victim’s throat was cut first and then our delightful Kimberley does her handy work. She removed the eyes, nose and ears and then proceeded to stab the torso ninety-nine times exactly. The feet and hands remain intact and of course human tissue is underneath our victim’s finger tips. A swab has been taken and we all know what results that will shed.” Byrnes stood up and removed his bloodied gloves.

“She will slip up,” Cain said, meeting the doctor’s eyes.

“I certainly hope so, Cain. After two years the good people of Kendal have begun to feel safe again. I do say our dear Kimberley has put a pin in that little balloon of ours. I’ll get the results of the swab as quickly as possible,” Byrnes said, as he left the tent.

“The victim is Tom Lovell,” Able said, pulling back the sheet.

“The lawyer? Has his family been informed?”

“That’s where I was about to go,” Able said as they left the tent.

“No, you and I will go to Lovell’s house. Send DC Calder to Kayla Simmons’ house. I want to know where she was last night.”

“Are you sure that’s wise. We don’t want another police harassment case.”

“That’s why I’m sending DC Calder. I will nail Simmons this time, Able. I swear to God I will,” Cain said, as he opened the Capri door.


Kayla Simmons tried Dr Jacobs’ office several times but the phone just rang and rang. That was pretty strange as Dr Jacobs’ receptionist Polly was always prompt and answered within three rings. The surgery was always open from eight o'clock until around five o’clock Monday to Friday. Kayla rang at one minute past eight and constantly re-dialled Dr Jacobs’ number, until she looked up at her kitchen clock and saw that it was ten past nine. Kayla slammed the cordless phone down on the table and grabbed her coat off the stand, when the phone rang. She quickly picked it up.

"Hello, Dr Jacobs?"

"Hi, Kay. It's June, I was wondering if you were coming into work today? Have you heard what happened to Tom?” June was Kayla's immediate boss before Tom Lovell.

"Sorry, I was meant to ring in. I've got a cracking headache. What's happened? Is everything ok?" Kayla said, closing her eyes and shaking her head at what June was about to say.

"Tom's dead. He’s been murdered. They've found his body in Serpentine Woods. They're saying Kimberley Killers back.”

"Oh, my God," said Kayla distantly.

"Kay are you still there?”

Kayla felt light-headed and, without replying to June, she put the phone down. She felt the kitchen sway and everything around her was distorted and starting to bulge. Karina was coming again. Kayla tried to fight her but without the pills, Karina would grow stronger again. As Kayla's legs were about to buckle she glanced at the kitchen mirror and saw her reflection change between a stricken looking Kayla and a smiling Karina. When her legs finally went from underneath her she saw Karina blow her a kiss and wave goodbye.


 Cain left it to Able to tell Paula Lovell about her husband’s murder. He thought it came better from a female police officer and Able was pretty good at that part of the job. Cain and Able had had their differences over the last few years but as well as a colleague he thought of her as a good friend. When she first arrived from Cardiff four years ago he would have paid the force to send her back. But four years down the line Lucy Able was the best partner he ever had.

"Did your husband have any enemies?" Able asked Paula Lovell.

Paula kept back the tears and held a sleeping Caleb in her arms. "I know it sounds pathetic. But everyone loved Tom. I never heard anyone say a bad word about him or him say anything bad about anybody else. He had a heart of gold.”

"We must make you aware of something, Mrs Lovell. Before you hear it on the news," Cain said, leaning forward on the sofa. "Your husband’s murder has similarities to other murders that took place a couple of years ago.”

"The Kimberley Killer murders? You’re joking." Paula said.

"I'm sorry, Mrs Lovell, but I'm not. Did your husband ever speak of Kayla Simmons?"

"Of course he did. He thought the world of her. Aren't you the policeman who he got a restraining order against for harassing her?"

"Yes, I am.”

"They were lovers," Paula replied very calmly.

Cain and Able looked at each other to make sure they had heard correctly,

"They were lovers,” Paula repeated. “He was going to leave me and Caleb for her. But then he changed his mind. He said there was something very dark about her. Whatever it was it scared the life out of him.”

"How long ago was this?" Able said.

"A month ago, I think.”

"Where was he last night?" Cain said, standing up.

"He had a meeting in Lancaster. Where did you find his body?"

"Serpentine Woods. Thank you for your help and I am deeply sorry for your loss," Cain said.

"We'll be in contact if we need anything else, Mrs Lovell. I’ve arranged for a family liaison officer to come and see you " Able said as she followed Cain’s lead.

"Do you think Kayla Simmons killed my husband, Detective Cain?" 

"I shouldn't say this, Mrs Lovell, but I do believe that she did. I believe that she is Kimberley Killer and she killed those thirteen people. I just couldn’t  prove it. But I promise you this time, Mrs Lovell, I will.”

Kayla regained consciousness and found herself looking up at the kitchen ceiling. The headache that plagued her before was still there. She looked at the clock and moaned. It was half past twelve. She had been out for nearly three hours. Karina sometimes left a note after she visited. Kayla got to her feet and on the table was a folded piece of paper. Kayla knew that whatever Karina had to say to her, it wasn't good. It never was. Kayla's heart sank as she opened up the letter. Karina had written whatever her message was in blood.

Good Girl, how's the head, still sore? Anyway, lots to chat about. Just as I arrived there was a knock at the door. It was a policeman called DC Calder, he wanted a word with you about poor old Tom Lovell. I said Boo Hoo! I don’t think he liked that. He asked to come in. I said, 'Are you sure, officer?' He said that either he came in or I went down to the station. But I said it was best he came in here because I didn’t know how long I was going to be here, as Kayla will be back soon. You should have seen his face! Long story short. I have killed my first copper! It was clean, don't worry, there wasn't much mess. Didn't have much energy, I'm knackered. Anyway, see you soon. Try not to get arrested, will you. I'll look horrendous in prison clothes. LOL

Love Karina, your other half xxxxxxxxxxx

Kayla sat down and cried. What was she going to do now? The police wanted her head on a stick  for the Kimberley Killer murders, and now Karina had killed one of their own. Over the years Kayla had tried suicide on a number of occasions but Karina always made an appearance to stop it from succeeding. Maybe she could try again and end this mess once and for all. She dashed to the kitchen drawer and pulled out a carving knife. Kayla held the blade to her throat and went to slice across it. But her arm wouldn't move. At the back of her mind Karina was giggling.

"Not going to happen," the distant voice of Karina said as the knife fell from Kayla's hand.

Kayla collapsed to the floor and sat with her back to the kitchen sink. "Why are you doing this?" she screamed.

"I am you, you are me." The distant voice of Karina laughed.

"I am going to beat you. I'm going to find Dr Jacobs and get my pills," Kayla screamed, as tears ran down her face.

"Good luck with that." Karina giggled hysterically and then she was gone.

Kayla got up off the floor, picked up her coat and stormed out of the house. As she opened her pathway gate she saw a grey Ford Mondeo parked behind her red VW Golf. It must have belonged to the policeman Karina killed. It wouldn't take long for others to come looking for him. Kayla had no idea how she was going to get out of this mess. She got into her car and headed for Dr Jacobs’ surgery. Those pills he had were her first step out of this mess and she needed them now before Karina decided to come and stay for good. But Kayla still didn't understand why she had stopped taking the pills in the first place.


"He's not answering his phone," Able said, dialling DC Calder's mobile again.

"He never does," Cain replied as they pulled into Kendal Police Station. "Well, I can't go around to Simmons house. Give him ten minutes then try him again. He's probably gone to Maccy-Dhee's for a shady cheeseburger.”

"I thought the doctor told him to lay off that kind of stuff,” Able replied, as they got out of the car.

"He did. But this is Calder we’re talking about.”

“Looks like you’ve got company. I’ll leave you to it,” Able said.

“Cheers, Able,” Cain said through gritted teeth, as Jonas Fry of the Westmorland Messenger approached him.

“Detective Inspector Cain,” Jonas Fry said, pulling out his pen and pad. “Is it true that Kimberley Killer is back?”

“Hello, Fry,” Cain said, walking straight past him.” I can’t comment, sorry.”

“Have you any reassuring words for the people of Kendal?”

“Yeah, buy a different newspaper,” Cain smiled as he disappeared inside the police station.

Able tried Calder for the next half an hour and still she couldn’t get hold of him. What made her concerned was that the phone now no longer rang, it went straight to answer phone.

“Sir, either he’s switched off his phone or his battery’s dead,” Able said, standing in the doorway of Cain’s office.

“Well, it better be the latter or I’ll cut his nuts off,” Cain said.

“I know he’s bad at answering his phone, sir. But he always rings you back five minutes later. I’ve just a hunch that something’s wrong.”

“Well lets pay Simmons a visit then.”

“You can’t come. There’s a certain court order in place”

“I can sit in the car, can’t I?”

“Yes. Just as long as you promise to.”

Cain walked past her and shrugged his shoulders.


Kayla swore her mind was playing tricks on her. She drove up and down Queens Road trying to find Dr Jacobs’ surgery. Where had it gone? She had been coming to his surgery since she was a child. She lost count of how many times she had driven up and down the street. She could feel herself getting stressed and angry and as she looked in the rear view mirror, she saw her reflection flicker between her and Karina.

"No!" she shouted at the reflection and it stayed as Kayla.

Kayla saw a man jogging towards her and pulled up just as he was about to pass her.

"Excuse me, can you tell me where Dr Jacobs’ surgery is?"

"Dr Jacobs?" the man said, trying to think.

"It's called Scarfell House," Kayla said, remembering the actual name of the surgery.

"The nut house," the man replied and Kayla did her best not to let Karina in. She would have ripped him apart there and then.

"Yes, the nut house," smiled Kayla.

"It's on Appleby Road. It's always been there," the man replied.

"Okay, thank you," she said and the man ran off.

That's not possible, she thought as she let off the handbrake. Scarfell House had always been on Queens Drive. Why was that man lying to her? Why would he want to lie?

"He's not, you nut job." The distant voice of Karina giggled. "It's always been on Appleby Road.”

"Stop lying, Karina!" Kayla shouted at herself in the rear view mirror.

"See for yourself," the distant voice of Karina said coldly.


"Well, there's his car," Cain said, as he parked the Capri in front of Calder's Mondeo.

"So, let’s find him, then.” Able undid her seat belt and left Cain in the car listening to the local radio station. Able went to Calder's car and tried the doors but found them all locked. She took the mobile phone out of her coat pocket and dialled Calder's phone. This time it rang and she could hear it coming from inside the car. She peered inside and lying in the foot well of the driver’s side was Calder's flashing phone.

"No wonder I can't get hold of you," Able cursed under her breath and went back to the car and opened Cain’s door.

"Still got that funny feeling?" Cain said with his eyes closed, as he leaned back in his seat. "Go and get him. Would you like me to come? It's been a while since I've seen Simmons." Cain smiled as he opened his eyes.

"Stay there like a good boy," Able replied, and closed the door.

Able opened the pathway gate and made her way to the front door. She knocked loudly three times and waited. She could see Cain looking at her and she shrugged her shoulders to indicate no one answering. Cain made to get out of the car and Able motioned for him to stay where he was.

 Able walked over to the living room window and saw that it was clean, tidy and deserted. She walked around the side of the house and looked in the kitchen window and then the back room window; all were the same — clean, tidy and totally void of life.

"Where the hell are you?" Able said, trying the back door and finding it locked. She went back to the front of the house to try the front door when she saw Cain getting out of the car. "There's no one home,” she told him.

"Seriously?" Cain said.

"Hey, mate, your car’s leaking some red stuff," a young boy on a bike said, pointing to the rear of Calder's Mondeo.

"That’s not my....,"Cain was about finish when he suddenly ran towards Calder's car.

"Sir," Able said, concerned at Cain’s sudden burst of energy.

"Do one, kid," Cain barked at the young boy who peddled off down the street calling Cain a cock.

 Cain tried to open the boot of the car but it was locked. He took off his coat and wrapped it around his fist.

"What are you doing?" Able asked.

Cain stood back from the driver's side window and punched it several times until he shattered the glass. He opened the door and leaned down and popped the boot. The boot came open a few inches and as Cain lifted it up Able stood by his side. They both saw the lifeless eyes of DC Colin Calder looking up at them. Carved in the middle of his head was the perfect letter K.

 "Kayla Simmons is Kimberley Killer. How's that possible? Her D.N.A doesn’t match," Able said as Cain closed the boot.

"I don't know, I really don't know. But when I get my hands on her I'm going to make her rue the day she was born," Cain said, walking away. "Get Byrnes over here.”

"Where are you going?"

"To find Kayla Simmons," Cain said, as the Capri roared into life and sped away.


Scarfell House was on Appleby Road. It had always been on Appleby Road, why had she thought any differently? Kayla wondered, as she pulled into the empty parking space. The reception doors swished open as she walked through them. Standing behind the desk with her normal welcoming smile was Polly.

“Hello, stranger. How are you doing?” Polly said as Kayla wrapped her arms around her neck. “Is everything all right?”

“I’m so glad to see you. I tried phoning you,”

“I’ve been here all day, Kayla.”

“Are you sure? I’ve tried 713220 since eight o’clock this morning,” Kayla said, rubbing her head. The headache was getting worse again. Karina was raising her head once more.

“How long have you been coming here? It’s 731022,” smiled Polly.

“Really? That’s why you never answered. I also thought you were on Queens Road,” Kayla said, as a sharp pain seared across her mind. “Please, no,” she whispered.

“Why would you think that? We’ve been here for thirty years, Kayla, since you were a girl.”

“I need to see Dr Jacobs,” Kayla said in absolute agony as the pain in her head became worse.

“He’s really busy, Kayla,” Kayla suddenly grabbed hold of Polly’s wrists. “Kayla, you’re hurting me!”

“I’m sorry, Polly, but I really need to see him. Karina’s coming,” Kayla pleaded.

“Who’s Karina?” Polly asked as Kayla let go her grip.

“Your worse nightmare.”


 Lovell & Lyle Solicitors office was above a clothes shop called Fashion That on Stricklandgate, which was directly opposite Kendal Carnegie Library. Cain erratically parked the Capri outside McDonalds and ran towards the solicitors. He barged past shoppers until he eventually came to the door of Lovell & Lyle. He pressed the voice intercom and waited.

"Hello, June speaking, how can I help?”

"Hello, June," Cain panted. "My name’s Detective Inspector Jonathan Cain. I need to speak to Kayla Simmons.”

"She's not in today. She's not well. One of her headaches again," June moaned. "Have you any more news about Mr Lovell's murder? Poor Paula and baby Caleb.”

"Not yet I haven’t. Kayla’s not home, June. Where else would she be?"

"She goes and sees Dr Jacobs at Scarfell House when her headaches get too bad.”

"The head clinic?” Cain said, standing back.

"Yes, is Kayla in trouble?" June said, concerned. "Detective, Detective Cain. Are you still there?" June asked as Cain ran back towards the Capri.


Dr Henry Jacobs had known Kayla Simmons since she was six years old. She was one of his first child patients and he had no other patients like her since. The things he knew about what she had done meant that he should be rotting in prison. But he took patient confidentiality very seriously, too seriously. The woman that Polly brought before him now reminded him of that frightened little girl whom he first met over twenty five years ago.

“Kayla, where have you been and what’s this I hear about you forgetting where I live?” Dr Jacobs nodded it was okay for Polly to leave them.

“I need my pills, doctor. I need them now. She’s come back,” Kayla sat down opposite Dr Jacobs and began to cry.

“I heard on the news about the murder of Mr Lovell. Wasn’t he your lover?” Dr Jacobs asked, opening the top drawer of his desk.

“Yes, he was,” wept Kayla. “Please, Doctor, the pills.”

“Where have you been, Kayla? And why have you forgotten where I am? I gave you a prescription for three months’ worth of pills. What have you done with them?” Dr Jacobs took the top off the pill bottle. He tipped out two small white pills and gave them to her.

“I don’t know, it feels like I’m losing my mind. The last few weeks have been a blur,” Kayla said, taking the pills and swallowing them both at once.

“How many people has she killed recently?” Dr Jacobs said. He took off his reading glasses and put one leg in his mouth and chewed it. He always did that when he was nervous.

“Two. Tom Lovell and a police officer.”

“A police officer? I’ve not heard about that one. Where’s the body?”

“She didn’t say. All she said was that there wasn’t any mess.”

“Are the pills working?”

 Kayla shook her head.

“How strange, they should take effect immediately. Is Karina getting stronger, Kayla?”

“I’ve never felt her as strong as this, Doctor. I feel like I’m fading away.”

“Kayla, what was your first pet called?” Dr Jacobs said as he put on his glasses once more.

Kayla sat in silence. Her face went blank and Dr Jacobs could see that she was struggling to remember.

“Peter. He was a rabbit, remember. You killed him with your father’s hammer.”

“And Milo the Jack Russell,” Kayla said, remembering. “That’s why my parents brought me to you.”

“Yes, it was. Can you remember your parents’ names?”

 Kayla looked at him with a puzzled look upon her face. “Of course I can,” she said, agitated.

“What are they, then?” Dr Jacobs replied calmly, as Kayla went silent again. Her face was taut as she tried to remember. He could see she was trying her best.

“David and Maria Simmons,” he finally said. “Can’t you remember them?” 

 Kayla gave in and shook her head. Dr Jacobs was about to tell her something when the door to his office flew open and in stormed Cain.

“Kayla Simmons, I am arresting you on suspicion of the murder of Tom Lovell and Detective Constable Colin Calder. You do not have to say anything, but it may harm your defence if you do not mention when questioned something which you later rely on in court. Anything you do say may be given in evidence,” Cain grabbed Kayla and pulled her up.

“Doctor, help me,” Kayla begged, as Cain led her away.

“Detective, you can’t just storm in here like this,” Dr Jacobs snapped, following Cain into the reception area. “You don’t know what you’re dealing with.”

“Yes, I do. A psychopathic serial killer, Dr Jacobs,” Cain growled back, as he led Kayla outside to a waiting police entourage.

“You could have waited, sir,” Able said, approaching Cain.

“It’s done now. Cuff her before I snap her neck,” he barked as he pushed her into two police officers.

Kayla turned and faced Cain and the colour of her eyes briefly changed between blue and brown.

“In your dreams, dick head,” she replied, as the police officer put her in the back of the waiting police car.

“Take the crazy bitch away,” Cain said with distaste.

“She’s not the crazy one,” Dr Jacobs said, and both Cain and Able looked at him, puzzled.

“I can’t explain here. It’s better if I come with you.”

“Why’s that, Doctor?” Cain asked.

“It’s best that I do. I can explain everything.”


The news soon spread around Kendal about the arrest of the serial killer Kimberley Killer. It was neither confirmed nor denied that it was local girl Kayla Simmons who had been arrested. There were crowds of people waiting outside Kendal police station shouting and baying for the serial killer's blood. The police car that was carrying Kayla pulled up outside the front doors of the police station accompanied by a riot van and another police car. As soon as the car carrying Kayla stopped, the doors opened and she was quickly escorted with a blanket over her head into the station amid the shouting chaos.

Cain parked the Capri around the back of the police station to avoid the circus out front. But there was one man he couldn't escape and that was Jonah Fry of the Westmorland Messenger.

"Detective Cain, is it true you've arrested local girl Kayla Simmons on suspicion of being Kimberly Killer?" Fry asked, holding out his dictaphone.

"Able, can you deal with this numb-nuts," Cain said, barging past Fry.

"We have arrested someone on the suspicion of the murder of Tom Lovell. That's all we’re prepared to say at this moment, Jonah. You will be updated when we know more," Able said, as Fry lowered the dictaphone.

"Lucy, it’s Simmons, isn’t it? Off the record," Fry asked..

"Yes, Jonah. But don't you dare say anything until we tell you officially," Able warned and walked away.

"What about that drink you promised me?" Fry shouted.

"Goodbye, Fry," Able replied as she opened the door and went to find Cain.


Able found Cain in the main investigation room with DS Graham McManus and DC Heather Granger. Standing next to them with his hands behind his back and in full police uniform, was Chief Superintendent Charles Bebbington.

“Who’s going to interview who?” McManus asked in his deep Glaswegian accent.

“Can you interview Simmons, sir?” Granger turned to Cain.

“No he can’t,” warned Bebbington. “We’d have to get that court order retracted for him to talk to do so.”

“Come on!” Cain said, disgruntled.

“How can you enforce the law if you don’t abide by it, Jonathan?” Bebbington replied. “I think it’s best you and DS Able talk to this Dr Jacobs. DS McManus and DC Granger can talk to Simmons.”

“If she doesn’t stop crying and asking for her bleeding pills,” groaned McManus.

“Please, sir. I promise to be fair with her,” said Cain.

“I’m sorry, Jonathan. I’d lose my job if I let you in there. So would you,” Bebbington paused. “I can see you’re hurting. We’ve all lost a colleague today. Simmons will be brought to justice.” 

“What happens if her fingerprints don’t match?” Able said.

“Come again, Lucy?” Bebbington replied.

“We need to get the D.N.A samples back from Byrnes. We’ve been here before.”

“Not this time,” Cain said as he left. “Come on; let’s talk to the good doctor.”


Dr Henry Jacobs knew this day would come eventually. It was just a matter of time. He was due to retire in one year’s time and the plan was to move to the South of France with Lorraine, his wife of forty-two years. They had brought a nice little house on the coast and spent most of their free time there. When the time came to retire they would sell the house on Oxenholme Road and move out to France for good. His daughter Zoe wasn't thrilled with the idea. When would they get to see their grandchildren Robert and Daisy if they lived over in France? But Dr Jacobs said it was only France and he hoped they would visit as much as possible. He even hinted that they should move out there eventually too. But Zoe's husband Gary scoffed at the idea of moving to France on the basis it was full of French people. But this grand retirement plan hinged on one thing. That Karina Simmons never came back.

 The door to Interview Room 2 opened and in walked Cain, accompanied by Able. Able sat down and pressed the button on the tape recorder to begin the interview, Cain remained standing.

"Interview with Dr Henry Jacobs regarding the investigation into the murder of Tom Lovell, and Detective Constable Colin Calder. The date is 10th of January 2013 and the time is 15.21p.m. Dr Jacobs has waived his right to a solicitor. Is that correct, Doctor?”

"Yes," Dr Jacobs said. "How is Kayla? Are her headaches getting worse? She may need her pills.” 

"She needs a lot more than pills to help her, Dr Jacobs. She needs a miracle, not pills," Cain said, pacing the room.

"It's better for everyone if she gets her pills. But I do fear that they are no longer working.” Dr. Jacobs took off his glasses and put a leg into his mouth.

"Doctor, can you stop talking in riddles or whatever you’re trying to get at and just tell me what you know?" Cain slammed his hand down on the table. "I lost a colleague today because of that psychopathic bitch!"

"Sir," warned Able.

"Kayla Simmons is not a psychopath, Detective Inspector Cain. Karina Simmons is!" Dr Jacobs calmly replied.

"Who the hell is Karina Simmons?" Cain shouted back.

"Kayla’s other half, or as the media like to call her, Kimberley Killer.”

Cain looked to Able and shook his head. He didn't believe a word the good doctor was saying.

"You’re Kayla’s psychiatrist, aren’t you?" Able said.

"Yes, since she was six years old.”

"Is she mentally unstable?"

"Kayla isn't, but Karina is.”

"Dr Jacobs, my patience is growing thin. Talk to us so we can understand you," Cain growled, as he finally sat down.

"Kayla Simmons has a split personality disorder. The most severe case I've ever seen in all my years of psychiatry.”

"So this Karina you spoke of is Kayla’s other half?" Able replied, and Dr Jacobs nodded.

"Karina is more than a mental disorder for Kayla. She's a physiological one too.”

"How, exactly?" Cain said, arms folded.

"When Karina comes....," Dr Jacobs started.

"Comes? What are you talking about?" Cain barked.

"Sir," Able said, her eyes narrowed, and Cain motioned for Dr Jacobs to continue. 

"When Karina comes Kayla actually changes into her.”

"Like Jekyll and Hyde?" Able said.

"Yes, I’m sure you are aware that Kayla Simmons has blonde hair and bright blue eyes. Kimberley Killer just looks like Kayla, but with brown hair and brown eyes. The face is slightly thinner but more or less the same.”

"That's Karina Simmons. Karina Simmons is Kimberly Killer?" Able said, trying to process what Dr Jacobs was saying.

"As far as I'm concerned, Kayla Simmons is Kimberley Killer," Cain interjected.

"But she isn't. She has no power over Karina. She only knows what’s happened after Karina has left," Dr Jacobs replied.

"Okay, then. Why did she stop killing for two years?" Cain said

"I gave her medication that helped keep Karina at bay.”

"You knew all along about the murders. That makes you an accessory," Cain replied.

"I know. I just wanted to help her. She will always be that frightened six-year-old that walked into my office twenty five years ago."

"The medication didn't work all the time," Able said. "She killed thirteen people.”

"I had to keep altering the medication. Karina is like a common cold. She always found ways of adapting to beat the medication.”

"Humour me, Doctor," Cain replied sarcastically.

"I think Kayla is in the early stages of dementia. Before you barged into my surgery I had to tell Kayla what her parents’ names were. She couldn't for the life of her remember them,”

"She's only thirty-one," Able replied.

"Dementia is rare in young people. But I fear that when Kayla finally goes, Karina will come into full force and stay permanently. Nobody wants that," Dr Jacobs said, as a lump formed in his throat.

"Are you scared of her, Doctor?" Cain asked, taking note of the doctor’s change in tone.

"Of Kayla? No, she's a good girl. But, Karina. Words can't describe what fear she brings.”

"Have you met Karina?" Able asked.

"Once when Kayla was fourteen." Dr Jacobs lifted up his shirt. His chest was covered in scars of all shapes and sizes. "She pinned me to my surgery floor and used a pair of scissors to have a little fun, as she put it," Dr. Jacobs said, lowering his shirt.

"Why didn't you just knock her off you and report her?" Cain asked, and Dr Jacobs laughed.

"Report someone that doesn't exist? Plus you have no idea how strong Karina is.”

"Of course she exists. Look at your chest, Doctor.”

"Really, have you got the finger prints back from the two new murders yet? Do you think they’ll match Kayla's D.N.A, proving she’s your so-called Kimberley Killer?" 

"It won't, will it," Able said, "because she changes physiologically.”

"Yes," Dr Jacobs conceded." Something else concerns me, Detectives. Karina is a very clever and devious creature. I think she wanted to be caught. I think she wanted to be brought here.”

"He's got a point, sir," Able said, as Cain got up and went to leave. "Where are you going?"

"To have a chat with this Karina Simmons," Cain said. "Charge him, will you?" and he flung open the door and left.

"He may regret meeting Karina," Dr Jacobs said. Able then charged him with accessory to the murder of fifteen people. His dream of retiring to the South of France disappeared out of the interview room with Cain.


Kayla Simmons wondered if they still had the death penalty in England. Or had it been abolished in the sixties? She couldn't remember. Did some States in America still have it? She thought so. But she couldn't say for sure. She hoped England still did have it then they could end her life once and for all and stop Karina from killing again. But Kayla knew Karina wouldn't let that happen. Kayla's headache had eased a little and she hadn't felt Karina for a while. She could feel her in the shadows of her mind, though, waiting and watching for the right time to come. Kayla felt weak and she knew something was wrong with her. Something had changed. Why couldn't she remember her parents’ names, or Peter the Rabbit, or Milo the dog? In the shadows of Kayla’s mind Karina cackled at her thoughts.

 Kayla looked up when  McManus and Granger walked into Interview Room 1. They sat down in unison and Granger pressed the tape recorder.

"Interview commencing on 10th of January 2013 at 15.22 p.m. with Kayla Simmons on the suspicion of murder of Tom Lovell and Detective Constable Colin Calder. Kayla has refused the right to a solicitor. Is that right Miss Simmons?"

"Yes," Kayla replied with her head bowed. "Will I get the death penalty?"

Granger looked across to McManus who shrugged his shoulders. "We don't have the death penalty, Kayla. If you are found guilty you will be sentenced to two counts of murder. Or fifteen, if you take into account the other murders from 2009 to 2010," Granger finished.

"Do you admit to the murder of Tom Lovell? Wasn't he your lover?" McManus asked.

"I loved Tom.But I didn't kill him. Karina did.”

"Who’s Karina?" Granger asked, and Kayla began to break down before her eyes. Was this an act? Was she really capable of the Kimberley Killer murders?

"My other half," sobbed Kayla.

"Other half?" McManus whispered to Granger and made the sign that Kayla was mad.

"If you kill me then she might die," Kayla said, as hope spread across her face but then as quickly as it came, it disappeared. "But Karina wouldn't let that happen.”

"Can we meet this Karina?" Granger asked, not believing what she just said, and McManus tried not to laugh.

"I don't want her to come. You don't want her to come.”

"I think we do," McManus replied, trying to keep a straight face.

Kayla stopped crying and looked deep into McManus's eyes, and that sudden change made a part of him go limp.

"You don't want that, Detective," Kayla said, ice cold.

Kayla's face went motionless. Her eyes glazed over and she looked into nothingness. McManus asked her if she regretted the killings but Kayla didn't respond. Granger asked her if she wanted anything to drink, but Kayla just sat there and ignored them.

"Where am I?" Kayla said, finally snapping out of her daydream.

"Excuse me?" McManus asked.

"Where am I, who am I?" Kayla said, and she reminded Granger of a lost little girl.

"Your name’s Kayla Simmons and you are at Kendal Police Station," Granger said.

"Have I been naughty? Please don't tell Mummy and Daddy. I didn't mean to kill Milo. Karina killed him.  She killed Peter Rabbit as well," Kayla said, shaking.

"I think she’s gone mad," McManus said.

What happened next stayed with McManus and Granger for the rest of their lives. The distressed young woman changed physically before their very eyes. Kayla's hair went from blonde to dark brown, her light blue frightened eyes turned brown and malicious and her face also slightly changed its shape.

"What the goddamn," McManus said, nearly falling off his chair.

"Hello, I'm Karina. Pleased to me you." Karina laughed. "What have I missed so far? Where's Detective Cain? Why's he not interviewing me? I don't feel very special," Karina mocked in a baby voice.

"He's not allowed to. You have a court order preventing him from being more than fifty yards from you," Granger said, trying to act as if nothing had happened.

"Really?" Karina laughed hysterically. "I would like to revoke that stupid court order. Bring me the jester," mocked Karina. "I do like a good show.”

"He's not allowed," Granger replied, as a look of disgust spread across Karina's face.

 In the blink of an eye she grabbed hold of McManus's hand and gently squeezed it. Granger winced as she heard all the bones in his hand break and McManus fell to the ground howling with pain.

"Get me Cain. Now, before I break every bone in his body," Karina said as she let go.

 Granger didn't argue. She picked McManus up off the floor and exited the interview room just as Karina held her arms at the back of her head and smiled. She looked very pleased with herself.


Cain was making his way to Interview Room 1 when he met Granger and McManus in the corridor. McManus was howling and holding his hand and Granger looked white as a sheet.

"What's up with him? Who’s with Simmons?" Cain said, as Granger tried to keep McManus upright.

"She changed, sir. Her hair, her eyes and her face; it’s her, but not her. She broke McManus's hand.”

"Get him to the hospital.”

"She's asked for you, sir. I don't understand what's going on?"

"Get him to the hospital. I'll deal with Simmons.”

"Be careful, sir.”

"Go," Cain said, waving Granger away.


Cain opened the door to Interview Room 1 and couldn't believe his eyes. Sitting there smiling at him was Kayla Simmons, but with a thinner face, brown hair and eyes.

"We finally meet, Detective Cain," clapped Karina, as Cain closed the door. He grabbed a chair and wedged it underneath the handle so nobody could get in. "No one joining our party?”

"Not today. I guess I'll add breaking a policeman’s hand to your record," Cain said as he sat down.

"I only squeezed his hand," smirked Karina. "I'm so glad to have finally met you. I've been dying to meet you, or is that killing to meet you?”

"Will  Kayla be joining us again?"

"No, Kayla’s gone away for a while. She's not well," mocked Karina. "I presume Dr Jacobs has filled you in?"

"He's brought me up to speed," Cain said. "If the doctor’s right about the dementia, then she'll need treating?"

"Treatment not needed." Karina grinned. "Kayla will die and I will take over. No more split in my personality," she added with a laugh.

"So it doesn't affect you?"

"Maybe, maybe not. I'll go out in style though.”

"You’re going to prison for a very long time, Karina. If I take your D.N.A now it will match all fifteen murders. Won't it?"

"Yes, of course it will. But I'm not going to prison. You’re going to let me walk straight out of here and let me disappear," Karina said, as the door to the interview room tried to open.

"Open the door, sir!" Able shouted.

"Give me five minutes, Lucy. I've not laid a finger on her!”

"But he really wants to!" Karina shouted and then laughed. "You really want to hurt me. Don't you?"

"You’ve ruined fifteen families’ lives with your butchery. Are you not sorry?" Cain said, leaning forward.

"Yes, oh yes. Forgive me. I'll change, I promise you," mocked Karina.

"The Doctor thinks that you wanted to be caught?"

"He's right. I'm sick of Kendal and of England. I want a warmer climate. With Kayla’s condition I think it will do us both good to get away.”

"So, why not just go?"

"And leave without saying goodbye to my dear detective?" smiled Karina. "I couldn't let you grow old and frustrated thinking that there was one case that you didn't solve.”

"I knew you killed them, I just couldn't prove it," growled Cain.

"Correction, Cain. You thought Kayla was Kimberley Killer. Never in a million years could you make a conviction with the D.N.A samples sticking to her. You needed me," Karina said, putting her arms at the back of her head again.

"But I have you now.”

"Only because I have wished it so," Karina hit back.

"And you expect me to let you walk free?"

"I know you will." She leaned forward so that their faces were inches apart. “I could snap your neck so quickly you wouldn't feel a thing. Ask your friend with the broken hand," smiled Karina. "Listen to this story, Cain. There's a boy who goes fishing every day for a week. He goes down to the pond at six o'clock and returns as the sun sets. He catches nothing all week. Until the final day, as the sun sets across the horizon, he finally catches his fish. He's so happy and overjoyed but he knows that he has to put the fish back. But he's still happy that he finally caught one.”

"Am I that boy?"

"But what about if the boy didn't catch a fish at all. His entire week was wasted. How would that make him feel?"

"Very sad," mocked Cain. "But if I let the fish go? Who’s going to eat it?"

"You mean seeking justice? I'm afraid this is a once in a lifetime opportunity. I'm appealing to your selfish side. You have solved all of your cases. Is that not enough?"

"But if I let you go then I’ll possibly ruin my career.”

"Detective Cain, as of yet you have no blood on your hands. If you let me go and let me disappear that will remain so. If you want to continue down this path then blood will be spilt. I will kill just to torment you. It won't be fifteen families you'll have to console but a hundred or a thousand. Every time I kill, it will be in your name. Do you believe me?" Karina said stony faced.

"Why should I trust you?"

"You’re still breathing. That should be enough.”

"If I don't do as you say?" Cain said, standing up and removing the chair from under the handle.

"Then let the killing commence. Why not start now in this very building,” Karina smiled.”Then I’ll kill somebody close to you. Maybe I’ll start with your daughter.”

Cain opened the door and found Able, a frantic looking Bebbington, and six other police officers surrounding the doorway. Cain stepped outside and closed the door behind him.

"Cain, what the hell are you playing at? I told you to stay away from Simmons!" shouted Bebbington.

"Sir, what's going on?" Able asked Cain who looked distant.

"Can you all meet me in the investigation room in five minutes please? Simmons has decided she wants a solicitor now. So I'm going to put her in the holding cell," Cain said,as he was about to go back into the interview room.

"Did she really break McManus's hand?" Able asked.

"Yes, she did." Cain pulled down the door handle.

"I can take her to the cell, if you like, sir," one of the young officers said.

"Nah, I'll sort her out," Cain replied. "See you in five.” He disappeared back inside.

"Well?" Karina asked with a smile.

"I'm taking you to a holding cell. Where you are awaiting representation," Cain said, not meeting Karina's malicious brown eyes.

"I don't recall asking for a solicitor," Karina replied as she stood up and walked towards him. "I'm thinking Hawaii or the Seychelles. What do you think, Detective?" She smiled and winked.

"Let's get this over with.” Cain grabbed hold of Karina and led her away. 


Detective Inspector Jonathan Cain stood on the veranda with a glass of wine in his hand, watching the sun dip beyond the horizon of the Mediterranean Sea. He sipped the wine and his face still hurt like hell. He picked up his crutches and went back inside the house to the wonderful smell of whatever his sister-in-law Melinda was cooking.

"Smells good, Mel. What is it?" Cain sat down at a table set for five people.

"Lasagne!" Melissa shouted from the kitchen.

"When are Matt and the kids coming back from the beach? “Cain grimaced as a sharp pain sheered up his left leg.

"They should be back soon. You okay?" Melissa said, as she walked into the living room and saw Cain in discomfort. "Have you had any pain killers today?"

"Nah, they don't work," moaned Cain. “Plus I don’t want to get addicted to them.”

"Not heard anything yet. They haven't caught Simmons?" Melissa said, sitting down.

"They won't. Simmons is long gone.”

"You’re lucky to be alive, Johnny. So are the other officers. You were fortunate that the crazy bitch only punctured your lung, broke your cheek bone and shattered your left leg.”

"Only?" Cain laughed.

"Oh, I totally forgot, this came for you yesterday," Melissa said, taking an envelope off the mantelpiece and handed it to him.

Cain opened the envelope and unfolded a letter written in red writing. He looked closely at it and knew straight away it was written in blood and not red ink. He turned away from Melissa so she couldn't see it and read what it had to say.

Dear Detective, how are you? I'm fine, thanks for asking. It's really hot here in Jamaica. I know Jamaica!! Who'd have thought it? I hope I didn't hurt you too much but we needed it to look authentic, didn’t we! I hear you went to Menorca to recuperate at your brother’s house. I've never been to Menorca. Maybe I should pop along sometime! Kayla's still poorly and only comes to visit when she feels like it. I've been a GOOD GIRL and not harmed a soul. The letter’s written in pig’s yer!! Anyway, must dash. Got a date tonight! Bye, bye Cain, get well soon.


"Who’s the letter from?" Melissa asked, as Cain screwed it up, just as the front door opened. In ran Cain’s nephew and niece.

"Uncle Johnny!" they both screamed as they embraced him.

"Whoa," Cain said as he felt a sharp pain jolt through his back. "Good day at the beach?"

"Fantastic," they both replied.

"Then tell me all about it," Cain said, as he hid the screwed up the letter in his pocket.

The End