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Elias Mokbel emokbel
It is not Abraham who found God. It is God who found Abraham. Because it was God who chose Abraham, and not the reverse.

You said that God was bloody. The truth is that God never used injustice. Can you find one case in the Bible were an innocent man was killed on God's order ?
What we judge as " bloody " is in fact an act of Justice, and justice is a divine value.
On the other hand God is merciful. Remember the story of the city of Niniva ? God wanted to destroy Niniva because of its sins. But after Niniva's people repented, God forgave them and had mercy on the city, which proves that God is just and merciful.

God sent his only Son. True. Jesus Christ is the son of God in essence. He has the same essence as God the Father. We, humans, are the sons and daughters of God BY GRACE, not by essence. If we become sons by essence this would mean that we become GOD and this would mean that there would be 2 or more GODs ! God the Father is a god and Jesus the Son is a god, but they are not 2 gods but only one God because the divine ESSENCE is one. Trinity ( Father, Son and the Holy Spirit) is formed from 3 persons, but they are ONE GOD, because they have ONE ESSENCE. We , humans, our ESSENCE is HUMAN. We are not gods by NATURE. We cannot say that we are sons and daughters to GOD like Jesus is . He is Son by ESSENCE. We are sons by GRACE. 
The church believes that Jesus, who is God by essence, took human flesh, and became man like us. He remained God, so his divine essence or nature didn't transform into human essence or nature, but he got united with human nature to save the human nature. He is full God and full man at the same time. None of his two natures became absorbed into the other. They got united. And because God got united with flesh in Jesus, humans have now the possibility to unite with God, through belief in Jesus Christ. This is what we call GRACE. It would have been impossible to man to unite with God if Jesus didn't become man. God has to act first to save man. Man cannot save himself by himself.

The church believes that God of the Old Testament is the same God of the New testament.
But we can only understand God of the Old Testament in the light of Jesus Christ.