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Annie Aronson

Annie Aronson

08 October 2016

I'm sorry I haven't written in so long. You're right--two people who don't know each other did connect, as you and I have. I'm a victim of me. I get overwhelmed by life and isolate. Lifelong pattern. It's better than it used to be; as a teenager and young adult I didn't talk. To anyone. I just wrote. I know how weird I am. My great grandkids don't let me get away with that anymore. So I'm reconnecting. 

I've been working on my novel; ELSEWHERE is on hold again. LOL! I've learned so much from Twitter, of all things. Extra words glare at me these days. HERDING! DEAD CRABS has gone from 134,000 to 104,521 words, as of this morning. And when I'm not EDITING!, I'm #MeanTrump tweeting.

I find this whole Trump thing devastating. Not the man but the millions of people who support him. A racist. These are my fellow Americans. What is wrong with me? I've been so busy struggling with my own internal racism that I was oblivious to the racism that is rampart in our country. I'm not talking about institutionalized or systemic racism. I was aware of the hidden racism that permeates society but believed it would get better as people like me died off. I almost did feel like the last white racist in America. But I'm not. I just one of the few of us who admits it. Look around--there's racist all over the place.

Trump came along and gave closet racists permission to come out of their dark closets and voice their true beliefs. I have (or had) two close friends who championed the wall. Who blamed all Muslims for terrorism--"ban the bastards! Deport them, too." Yep, one of my friends actually said that. I don't want her around my great grandkids. The other one was outraged by "Black Lives Matter" and "Take a Knee." I told her that until all Americans are inspired to stand for the National Anthem, I'll take a knee, too. She doesn't talk to me anymore. I'm good with that.

Phil, I really don't understand. I always believed that Republicans were as honorable as Democrats. We wanted the same things; we just saw different paths. I believed our differences were ones of politics rather than character. I was wrong. I might be suffering from idealism? Mighty old to be an idealist.

I'll write again. Soon. I have missed our communications, too. Can't seem to sign on to Scriggler. Have I been excommunication?