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"You = ME" : sermon

i think the opening should pertain to an open discussion of the wrongs and hardships that are being committed within the community.

from there possibly an elaboration into the underlying motives of what causes such things to exist and the poor behaviors that lead into how those allowances are paid by individuals and exaggerated by groups. how singling specific people or peoples out contributes.

start explaining how situations get noticed by exemplifying "you"
slowly work the discussion into how it needs to be a "me" thing

and somehow bring it all around into an "i am" correction

in this fashion, the listener will be able to take notice to the "problem" without any doubt or conviction, connect the dots between how they are ignoring the facts of how these thongs slowly manifest, and turn it into how it truly is a "me" problem and not a "you" problem.

slowly establish the skills to own up to the acceptance of ones own ugliness

selflessness can cure all of it.
(maybe remedy would be a better word)
through the use of "i am". this all can be reversed. but one has to accept the pain and that comes with truth, that truth of who one is deep down.
that truth that one just does not want to see....
or allow others to see...

is this the ego?
if so,
only through humility can one accept and move forward

humility cleanses and purifies this egotistical nature

self humility,
NOT humiliation


slowly reveal how it begins as hate?

or is it that factitious disorder?

Randy J RandyJ
… well...

I've gone through everything I have, through folders, computer files, audio recordings…. ect., ect. … and now, looking through the document I've put together, I've managed to create a list almost 75 pages long the way I have it laid out. At the moment, I'm not so sure that it's appropriate to publish...

The work spans thirty years and the diversity is amazing even to me!

I've never gone back and looked at what I've done in this capacity and I've really never cared to attempt to put it all in a single document like this. And going over it for editing purposes… I wouldn't believe it had I not personally been involved in developing so many different creative ideas at so many different levels...

I'm going to think about making what I have public, it will make certain things known both about me and others that were involved in this process, and, I have to think on what I'm about to do before I do it. Some people have been looking forward to me doing this while others…. well, they simply have not.

I pray this is received in the manner it should be, I will not defend doing what is right and true and I certainly will not do something to cause friction for someone else.

Everything I've done has had nothing but selfless motivation driving it and fame or self glorification is not anything that has been a driving factor in my efforts. I can only reinforce this with the fact that there is only one movie out there with my "real" name in the credits and it was omitted from this list… at least, I think it was!

Randy J RandyJ
… well, just some food for thought here,

- I guess first off, the suffering is nothing but good! "Sufferage" is the term I would apply here but it's being used incorrectly and has a meaning quite different but suffrage it would be to the uninformed...

The applications are considerable, especially in the Tragic Poet's world where I find myself returning time and time again
(I hold the highest appreciation for this type of work)

- Secondly. As far as fame and fortune are conceded though?
give up on that nonsense!!

Art is only appreciated fully after the artist is long gone.
It is only then that the public truly appreciates what is lost and embraces what the artist was actually trying to contribute.
I think it has more to do to with how they (the public) wants to interpret the work and how they would apply it to their own life and the lives around them which usually has nothing to do with what the artist had in mind when conceiving the work either.

- And thirdly...

hey, focus on the "work".

Each piece only has a limited application in this particular day and age. Timeless pieces are in a way timeless because of their particular moral fabric or because of their interpretation by individuals in their particular age...

Events are limited, emotions and their application are limited, and even the views of the potential readers or viewers are even more severely limited. Symbolism gets lost or filtered, people in power and authority stymie or apply their views, and even worse the reader sometimes cannot distinguish what was intended to be "trophied".

Success should be limited to the production of the work.

After all, the writer's job is to finish the work to the best of their ability. That's it. And give yourself a pat on the back, you and everyone else that actually did finish something that was inspired from your personal experience or what was observed from the happenings around you, was and truly is, a work of art!

Please don't let others opinions delegate what you do or how you do it.

YOU are the artist.


You ARE an artist.

You, are an artist!

You have succeeded where others have failed.

…. congratulations!