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Aaron Yandell MrARKY89
 This aligns with a topic I have been focusing on for several months now: happiness in regards to other emotions. I've known for a long time now that there was something, something resonating in the minds of the people of my culture that was telling them that it was wrong to feel anything other than happiness, but I couldn't really pin it down until the recent months.

 It was positive psychology, I rising school of thought that started in the year 1999, which exploded into a massive trend by the time I got to high school. Positive psychology especially caught on to Christians, since the concept aligns perfectly with their belief in thanksgiving. It teaches the idea that you should "think positively" and reject any thoughts that are considered negative. It teaches that emotions are subjective and that you should meditate happiness rather than receiving it, and reject all other emotions.

Terrifyingly enough, this war on the human mind, and on the self caught on with a lot of people, programming them to think in a innate, narrow-minded "positively happy" way. Those who rejected it or simply failed to preform such practice were ostracized. The "angsty teen" or "emo" archetypes grew stronger with the positive psychology movement.

Positive psychology has near effectively destroyed criticism, at least in the neck of the woods I am forced to associate myself with. Any thought or opinion not seen as the "positive" way of thinking is seen as negative and ultimately rejected, even though these thoughts would otherwise prove to be positive, productive and even progressive.

Any emotion that isn't "subjective happiness" is taught to be rejected, a teaching further strengthened by the centuries old belief that emotions are weak, irrational or evil. People second guess themselves when they are on the negative spectrum of their emotions, and seek help believing that there is something wring with them. This ultimately leads them to take drugs, even though most of them don't need them. In fact, it has been recently proven that emotions actually help us organize our thoughts and make sense of things, rather than disrupt rational or logical thinking.

 Long story short, I stand by you, in that we must ask ourselves what it is that truly makes us happy. We must also ask ourselves what makes us unhappy. Because we can not solve our problems by ignoring they don't exist.

"They don’t go out. They don’t make themselves noticeable or available. They don’t have a well-rounded life or strong support system, and they wonder why they’re single and still unhappy."

The paragraph I mentioned just above spoke strongly to me. I am a lonesome person, mostly due to circumstance. I had lost my job a year ago and I was even saving up for a car and my own place. Now I am stuck at square one, and have lost contact with those I have made friends with. The only people I am in contact with are my mom, siblings and their friends during children's birthday parties. I hate it really. I am not writing this to seek pity, as I have noticed many have done on the internet seeking attention. I am simply writing this to acknowledge circumstance, that somethings are just out of your, especially since positive psychology dominates the job market.

 I don't believe that anyone really needs to have romantic companionship or a sex life to be happy and healthy, but I am not here to demote people's desire or freedom to seek that kind of thing. The motivation is clearly in all of us, but no one has ever reported having died from the lack of. Many people have even done well without it. I have personally chosen to be single throughout recent years, simply to reject the idea that every man is happier with a woman, and the fact that I consider the dating game as savage and unfair. Though in the recent years, I have reconsidered, that maybe, I do desire to be with a woman, for my sake, if not the sake of society's.
Though, such is life, a competition, and some of us just fall short in the end.