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Martin Ekert M. C. Ekert
Never experienced a young black male... Maybe I should get out more 😂. 

But seriously... I am not used to courtesy from anyone these days. Nobody wants to do anything unless it is for themselves. 
My wife was at the supermarket on Saturday. She told me that she was at a self serve checkout loading up a shopping bag. When suddenly it burst open, spewing its contents all over the floor. She said that at least half a dozen people simply walked past her without lending a hand. Leaving her to scramble on her hands and knees, trying to gather her items together. Eventually, one of the supermarkets staff lent a hand. But only after she had nearly finished doing it all herself. 
I couldn't believe what she was telling me when she returned to the car... But then again... I could. 

It seems to me that common courtesy is dying off in a big way these days.
Whether you're walking along the street, or driving in your car, nobody has good manners, nobody shows any courtesy, and nobody gives a crap about anyone else. 
Even the older generations of people... Who should know better you'd think... Just doesn't care one iota about their fellow man/woman. And it not only makes me cross... But it also deeply saddens me. I know folks tend to be more busy these days, but it takes seconds to show you care.

Stop and think the next time you're out and about... Just for a few seconds. And show someone that you're not a completely selfish git. Just for a few seconds, pretend that other person is a loved one... And imagine how they'd feel to be dismissed so readily.

Just my two penneths worth 😉