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Roy Brooks Sinjun
the actors weren't as much of a problem except for Jesse Eisenberg who never should have been even considered to play Lex Luthor much less given the role.

Gal Gabot did fine as Wonder Woman but that too was a miscast since she would have been an even better Huntress (Helena Wayne or Helena Bertinelli depening on which version they use)  or she would have been a great Black Canary. it works but not as efficent.

a lot of what you mentioned really can be confusing for people who don't know their comics history.  if you had never read or heard of Crisis on infinite Earths you would have missed what the Flash appearing to Batman meant.  a similar scene happens in the comic.  an event hat lead to Barry's death and the first major reboot of the DC universe.  those who know the history could easily pick up on the scene and figure out it was supposed to be the flash in that image.

Parademons are something similar as well anyone who doesn't know darkseid wouldn't understand what they were pointing to or the omega symbol in the ground all New Gods references pointing to Darksied and the same is true of the motherbox in the cyborg scene.  you would have to know the comics to pick up on these things since none of it is explained in any fashion.

it is strange to not see Wonder Woman as an ambassador and even stranger to see Batman suddenly get those visions which make zero sense for the character.

in the end i think it's a problem with the writers not really understanding the characters.  they have information that is clear but no context as to what they mean or understanding why they are the way they are.

they didn't even get the tone right.  Batman may kill minions that get in his way in the movies but in the Dark Knight returns he doesn't kill a single person.. not even the Joker. and here he was willing to murder Superman at the drop of a hat.