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Carole McKee CaroleMcKee
A very well written, from the heart, essay. My heart goes out to you. But there are a couple of things I would like to point out to you:

1. In 90% of the cases where a mother gives her baby away, it is out of love. She knows she can't give a baby what he needs, and loves the child enough to give him a better opportunity. So keep that in mind. Your birth mother may have loved you enough to save you. 

2. I don't like to hear people say they don't see color either; and I'm white. My response has always been, "Why don't you? People of color see color every time they look in the mirror. So see it, acknowledge it, and look beyond the skin into the heart, the brain, and the soul." This is my standard response.

3. You do not belong in a box. Be who you are, and that is you. Be proud of who you are--right now. Where you came from is not as important as where you are now, and where you are going. 

4. Don't focus on those women who are trying to keep you in that box! When the right one comes along, you will know it, and so will she. These is someone for everyone, but you just haven't been discovered yet. 

5. This is probably the most important point. You have worth! 

Your article didn't make me angry. It did open up my awareness a little more. I've never fit in anywhere either, but for totally different reasons. So I understand a little about feeling like an outcast. I've come to enjoy being different, and so should you. Now for a bit of a sideline: I see by your picture that you are very good-looking. Keep smiling! Some lucky lady will find you!