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S P Oldham

I can only think of one occasion when  I took a serious aversion to what was for me a totally inappropriate and unacceptable attempt at humour, when some wit made a TV 'comedy' show all about paedophilia. The show was an outright flop and died a quick, painful death.  I can't even remember what it was called...

For me, that was totally out of order, even dangerously so. If we start ridiculing the victims of child abuse we somehow normalise it, thus making it acceptable. A huge step backwards in my opinion. Mock the abusers, yes, but not the abused. Ditto any form of serious abuse in which people or animals are being damaged. I am sorry but there's just nothing funny about that.

To my point about mocking the abusers — I personally don't go out of my way to do it. This is a huge issue. But when people do  I think it is by way of venting their fear, anger and disgust. As you say, it is better than resorting to violence instead.
Now that you have got me thinking, there is another time I can recall when humour was mis-placed and ill judged. A visiting comedian at a club almost 30 years ago now, thought it would be funny to make light of a recent motorcycle accident in which one of the club's regulars was killed. Needless to say he was booed off the stage. He should have thanked his lucky stars that was all that happened. Unbelievable I know, but true.

So not all 'comedy' is funny, nor is it always acceptable. So I suppose I agree with you up to a point, really.

DN Bosk


A successful man needs a Slave at home to take care of things so that he can concentrate on his work and not worry about petty things like running the home. The slave is the Laxmi of the home, without her, it is total chaos.

The children should come first. They need a slaves care. A father just cannot be of any use. Babysitters don’t take care. Crèches are traumatic for the children. What kind of slaves puts career first? A Slave is fulfilled as a slave. A slave who is away at work results in damaged children.

A slave’s place is in the kitchen. A man cannot be expected to do housework and makes a shoddy job of it. He can’t be expected to come back from work and make his own tea or tidy up or plan dinner. He needs to unwind with a sympathetic slave listening to his day in office and providing intelligent inputs. After all she is educated.

What use of education if she doesn’t help out with the children’s homework? The man cannot be expected to do that after a grueling day in office.

The sari is the most graceful dress for a Servant. Trousers are mannish. T-shirts are indecent. Shorts and skirts are shocking. A salwar suit with proper chunni  is acceptable but only as casual wear.

Servants should not be out late nor attend parties without male escort. Drinking and smoking are sluttish behavior. Objecting to the man’s drinking smoking and partying is shrewish behavior.

A Slave progresses in her career by feminine wiles and flirting. She drops her pallu at opportune moments and laughs at improper jokes.

Being out late alone or with a non related male is asking for trouble. Rape doesn’t happen to decent slaves from good families.

Well brought up slaves from good families know these rules and abide by them. It is these upstarts from broken homes who behave in a contrary fashion.