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Theland Thomas Theland E. Thomas
There are a couple of things that this post completely glosses over. It dismisses all racism as an idea only shared by crazy bigots. Racism is way bigger than that. It's an idea that pervades nearly all western (white controlled) culture. The idea that whites and lighter skinned people are superior and blacks and darker skin people are inferior is a cultural norm shared explicitly or implicitly by nearly every person in a racist culture, regardless of skin color. Racism is indoctrination for everyone, which is why black people have to deal with reconciling the racist identities of black people with their own identity of themselves. That particular point was touched on in the article.

I agree that while white people acting crazy and hating themselves isn't the solution, we can all use the dialogue occurring right now to take a hard look at racism in our thoughts, culture, and institutions. (Yes, institutional racism exists. I work at a bank, minorities are just now getting their measly settlement checks from the lawsuit against Bank of America's wholesale policy of making of charging higher interest rates based on race.) We don't do this by forgetting the past. If we do that we'll just repeat it. And we don't cut off our responsibility to future generations. The problems we have now are the result of slavery. The wealth of this nation was built on the backs of slaves, and a lot of disparity still exists today. That is the result of our ancestors. Just take a look at the history or redlining (an institutional policy up until 1975) and it's no wonder why many black people grow up disenfranchised in ghettos, living in a perpetual state of anarchy. The 1970s wasn't our grandparents' grandparents' time. It was our own parents' time.

We'll never move forward by ignoring the past in the same way we won't progress by only whining about the present. But if we do not teach out children how to exist in the world today, we will be responsible for the actions of our ancestors.