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Tony Caravan
Not funny.

I've always found political humor distasteful and counterproductive to both sides of the ideological spectrum. Poking fun at people and things that seriously affect people's lives distracts the audience from considering doing anything about the actual problem(s). It's like carrying a cardboard sign and protesting in the streets -- it accomplishes nothing but either "preaching to the choir" or angering your opponents.

In the case of Trump, there's been so many accusations and hatred flung at him, that the vast majority of people don't know who the guy is -- just the persona created by the media and critics. There were far more scary things found in the Clinton emails than any of the unsubstantiated reports on Trump.

I think people need to take personal responsibility for their lives. Get involved in their neighborhoods and communities, and stop looking to a "leader" to save them.

Trump is just another politician; and as shocking as this may sound, he's no better or worse than the lot of them.

If people would put a fraction of the time they spend criticizing and protesting and just do something positive, imagine the groundswell of good that could be done.

Hillary Clinton was a bad candidate and a supporter of wars, the private prison system, she spoke about the "sanctity of marriage between a man and a woman (only)," she gave speeches to Wall Street saying that she had a public opinion and a different stance on most issues, etc...  On the other hand, Trump gave speeches that were in defense of LGBT civil rights. He was far from a mysogynist, having a female campaign manager and women in power positions in his companies. He never said anything negative about minorities (contrary to media reports). He only spoke of criminal activities by illegal immigrants. He never said he was going to send law-biding immigrants back to Mexico, the way the media spun it.

Look, the guy puts his foot in his mouth and talks like a jerk a lot. He's also a jock, and  a strict grandfatherly type. He'll do no worse than anyone else -- especially since most laws passed are written by corporate lobbyists and introduced by the candidates whose campaigns they support.

I'll stop now, read my most recent article on Trump for further insight into this serious issue.