The first fifty years of my life were spent on a journey; a journey of the unknown, and with me, apparently unknowable. It was an inward journey of the self; spiritually, intellectually and emotionally. I spent a lot of time there. I began my quest to find myself when I was just a child. "Finding" oneself was a big thing back then — the era of the hippies and revolutionary change. The reason? Because I was lost. I searched diligently for half a century but alas, at the end of my journey inward I find myself still lost. I had always known I was a complicated soul, but I never thought anything to be impossible. Now I'm thinking differently. Not totally differently, but yes, in a big way, differently. After fifty years, I wouldn't say I am giving up. I'm just thinking it's time to start something new - the journey outward. People have claimed that the answers, "lie within you". I haven't found any there. So maybe the key to my inward journey lies outside of myself. Wow, there's a new concept! Well, not totally...

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