Why actors and actresses should use YouTube



I think that mainstream actors and actresses not on YouTube are missing out. Let me know if you agree, after I've made my case.

Why should actors and actresses be on YouTube? Well... in the modern world there are all sorts of individuals who became prominent due to YouTube. From Justin Bieber, the recently controversial Fine Brothers, Ryan Higa, Megan Lee, Lilly Singh, and WAY more, YouTube is filled with success stories. The pragmatic reality is that YouTube is the center of a global, digital, revolution in terms of content creation. Actors and actresses might miss out on budding talent if they don't get on board. But there's more than this to consider. 

YouTube celebrities get to interact with fans in all sorts of new ways. From playing video games with them, to making videos with them, and listening to their stories over and over again, with YouTube, a new sort of celebrity has been created. Not only this, but on YouTube actors and actresses don't have to play a role, or listen to the advice of image consultants, they can be themselves. Celebrities get to talk about themselves, and be very human on their YouTube accounts. A personal favorite of mine which demonstrates the potential to be human and regular people is Misha Collins YouTube account ("Castiel" on Supernatural) which has videos called "Cooking Fast and Fresh with West" which feature himself and his son as they go grocery shopping and then make a "delicious" meal. In my opinion this humanizes actors and actresses and can help the fans remind themselves that at the end of the day these individuals are human, even before they are actors. 

Additionally YouTube enables actors and actresses to see the content that is created by their fanbase. It isn't just that celebrities get to read the comments and see the numbers of views their work gets, they get to see what others are up too. They get to see how much heart and soul YouTube content creators put into their work, without budgets and oftentimes with little training in special effects and editing. We've already seen actors and actresses beginning to appear on the silver-screen, such as Anna Akana at the end of Ant-Man, and Jimmy Tatro in both Grown Ups 2 and 22 Jump Street, and it is my hope that we'll begin to see the reverse soon, wherein more actors and actresses begin to work alongside popular YouTubers. This has begun, to an extent such as Kwebbelkop playing GTA with Kevin Hart and Ice-Cube, and Anna Akana making a video with Daniel Radcliff about potential what-ifs and dating. 

I think YouTube is an excellent tool for creating communities and interacting with people. Additionally these are independent platforms in which actors and actresses can discuss their experiences, and talk about what matters to them. YouTube enables individuals who are interested in the creation of digital content to get a shot, and individuals who are already mainstream can join YouTube and experience a new level of interactivity with their fans. They can gain access to a trust-worthy system which will ultimately help them continue to remain relevant as more and more people gain access to the Internet, and they will gain new opportunities and grant others opportunities as well. 

I'd love to know what you think! Do you agree, that more and more actors and actresses should join YouTube? 

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