In Fear of the Divided States of America



Neo-Segregation in America

In Fear of the Divided States of America

By Christopher Michael Carter

I was giving some thought to the idea of a neo-segregation in light of our recent racial flare-ups. I understand these problems have always been there but that's usually the way it works with most issues: there's an underlying issue brewing over time and then POP! Something jumps off and the problem is put out on front street, warts and all. I thought about what the purpose would be in such a neo-segregation in this day and age of mixed races and biracial people in the world. But then it hit me: the double dip. Usually seen in entertainment home media, the practice of putting out, let's say a DVD, only to release a different, more packed version some time later. It's the same with games: gamers buy a title, play the game and eventually buy the upgrade or expansion pack. All of this very easily could have been released in one go. I do, however, understand that it's a money and distribution issue. With the neo-segregation that a lot of people would love to vote for if available you'd have the same double dipping. "Whites Only" "Blacks Only" all the same product, food, etc. The top of the food chain corporate bosses don't care who's eating where as the only color they care about is green. It’s not really about greed; it’s business. So while managers and whoever will say "We only serve white people" THEIR boss doesn't really care as long as Somebody buys Something. Gasoline companies, oil companies, restaurateurs, internet/phone providers, they all shouldn't care however the racial separation of years past would come in handy financially as it Would be another form of the double dip. But it's not just racially, no, it's gender related as well. How many times have we seen products in stores separated as "-For Men", "-For Women", " Men's Formula", "Women's Formula" and upon closer inspection it's %99 the same product.

Where does our growing population of transgender citizens fit in? If this recap separation is instituted they seem to be lost in the shuffle. Our neo-segregation has even spilled over to sexual preference. A lot of places won't serve gay customers. Now, again, the higher ups beyond the resident manager don't care. They want product pushed. It goes on to affect religious views as well as now, more than ever, the country is split on Muslim acceptance and trust. This world we live in doesn't grow. It's not going to expand with time. I can't really say it shrinks either. More than anything what isn't reshaped by our construction and landscaping is reshaped by climate change (be it storms, droughts, or other). In terms of the Earth's existence the human race in its modern "civilized" incarnation hasn't been around that long and we're still figuring things out apparently. But the financial "elders", the big wigs, the empirical pencil pushers have it figured out: serve the same product to many different groups and markets at various prices with different advertising and marketing. Everyone buys said product in one way or another and the pockets stretch like a womb. The world we live in is very much high school on a global scale with everyone in their varying cliques. And the overseers will be the ones to profit from the neo-segregation, not any of the opinionated so-called patriots who want walls up everywhere to protect their sanctuary for personal rights. Keep everyone separated; charge them different fees for different packaging all holding the same ingredients. It would seem as though we could all find a common ground in consumerism.

All of us in the maze aren't seeing a cut of what we pay for. We just keep moving through life in hopes to run out of dead ends. We're all in this together. If we continue to be placed into categories and boxes then we will all continue to fall for the double dip, the triple dip, and so forth. We're often so blinded by our bickering and differences that we fail to see this for what it is. Imagine prison: cells and cells of inmates of different viewpoints fighting constantly... But they're all in the same place, just different boxes with different numbers. You can fight about what's right and wrong all you want but in the end of the day it doesn't matter. Insects fight all the time while we're unaware and step on them in passing. A lot of people are programmed from youth that it’s best to keep people separated, disillusioned that it solves problems when it’s evading problems instead of facing them head on. Segregation will help salesmen who pander to various chapters... But it won't help us, the segregated. Stay United, America.

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