Politicial Mass Confusion



    As a young boy growing older I learned many things in life from watching the actions of others. Ronald Reagan was once a democrat who campaigned for Harry Truman and preached how bad the republican party was. The things he spoke of...

    As a young boy growing older I learned many things in life from watching the actions of others. Ronald Reagan was once a democrat who campaigned for Harry Truman and preached how bad the republican party was. The things he spoke of from his own words in history saved in archives and on youtube video's I see today.

   The media had me believing it was the Independents and the Wall Street sector that was corrupting the elections. That didn't sound right to me after extensive research. I needed to understand the common sense as to why a democrat would become a republican and a republican would become a democrat. When Obama was elected it was the republicans who elected him switching parties to be democrats to block another democrat because they believed the other democrat was worse.

    It made me question my political views. All through out history it appears a select group of people are willing to do anything to control the population by eliminating the competition. Means a lot of republicans thought it would be easier to control one democrat over another or they just have this belief that a woman's place is in the home taking care of children. A religous reason.

     Reagan stuck in my mind. Why did he switch if he believed republicans where so bad during the Harry Truman generation? That made no sense to me. Then I thought George W Bush. Maybe no republican could of won because of the wars and policies Bush signed at the majority of Congress agreeing. They had written and passed to Bush to sign. That congress I saw as the failure to lead with good principles.

    I realized the key must be in understanding why each politician switched to understand. It seemed to be about the power to control the majority which was the most obvious. I also looked at the pension and healthcare status of remaining a politician. It was probably better to kiss ass with the voter to maintain the popularity needed to maintain the position. Thats human nature. Human nature always wins in the end so it highly confuses me. Stupid idea's always bring bad results.

    The eternal echo I was beginning to see is people don't like war. Richard Nixon. People don't like losing their freedoms where many have been assassinated or attempts where made but failed. The eternal echo's of time never seem to change. The reasons seem to be brown noising to maintain a job. I the president do swear upon this here bible that I will do what ever I think it is you want as the voter to get elected and stay in office.

     Congress is the main problem. They are career politicians with no term limits. When they get comfortable they are secure in their jobs they have no problem bending the rules and dipping in to tax dollars for their own personal agenda's. Question becomes how many politicians are true in what they say?

    One might be inclined to believe that today the republican party only consists of those remaining democrats that switched because republicans where more popular after Jimmy Carter. Others might say the democratic party now consists of more republicans than democrats because of what George W Bush did. Deception is a mystery that is hard to decipher. A code of encryption that confuses all. God would say it is the devil's work. I do not know them. I am ashamed.

   The drama of life continues as many minds of the wise try to figure out why we fail as countries through out history. We use labels for everything but do not judge on action. We do not look for the truth but seek personal gain for ourselves. This is the political nature of our failures. To continue failed mistakes through out the eternal echo's of good and bad policies. The blind do not see. The wise remain in silence. For paitence is one of the greatest virtues in life. A time will come when what you think is the majority rule. In that frame of mind you can not lose till it goes out of style. Do you think real change should be made. Would that change be best to set term limits fo congress? Would that be the best way to control the corruption or would they just find others ways?

     In times of disagreements I have learned they always try everything else first before they try peace. It seems many have to die in order to achieve peace that do not believe in peace as the first answer to solving any disagreement. Peace. One simple word and concept.

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