Seniors Rghts



         It is said that every child that be born is protected by law by many rights given to them based on the simple principle of youth, ( the inability to take care of themselves ) and the lack of knowledge to do so. It has been predefined that at age 18 all children born to the USA at that point should have been educated enough to become responsible adults to be able to make their own choices and be held accountable for those choices.

         My question is why then is it that a senior is not guarenteed the same rights of a similar basis? A child recieve's entittlements for 18 years in the USA with all sorts of laws to protect those rights. As a senior no laws are written on a daily basis to protect them as they do a child. Why do seniors not have equal rights?

       Most seniors never complain of a child as an entitlement. Most seniors actually miss a child when they do not come around. Why should children be given rights far beyond and above that of a senior who has not broken any laws against children. Should it not be given to a senior the same entitlement of 18 years for each child raised who has become a productive child in the world?

        The problems seniors face are much tougher than the problems a child faces in many cases. More elderly develop health problems because they where not educated enough as children to know the things that would cause them harm. Many times government officials and protection agencies told them these things where safe.

        For instance a can of soda contains a material known as high fructose corn syrup. Possibly the #1 reason for diabetes. As a farmer raising cattle you learn that by using corn you can raise the weight of a cow fairly fast as apposed to letting them graze and exercise in a field. Enclosed in a barn with only corn to eat the weight increases rapidly. Maybe 1 soda a week is harmless. What does 18 cans of soda a day do to the human body? This is high frutose corn syrup. Not just regular sugar. This is a highly refined and processed sugar many times that of a regular sugar. But a senior is not educated nor protected by law as that being a harmful process to their body.

       Point and example is just one of many where the entitlements for children far outweigh the entitlements of seniors. If a parent has 4 children who will make more than that parent did starting out, by simple math one can assume that parent has raised 4 children who are now paying in to a system far more than they did. Where does the extra money go?

      We depend upon highly educated accountants to be able to do simple basic math. A failed system on the part of the accountant. Equal rights for seniors. Why is that when ever bills need to be paid the seniors are the first to be cut to pay foriegn deficits because of yet another war and bad judgement upon those who have  recieved more entitlements as youth to be educated in the process of simple principles. Can it be said that the education system is failing to educate and maybe should not be recieving so many entitlements to teach. Maybe on the job experience would be the better approach when the education system fails?

     When a system fails in the private sector it depends on leader of the private sector to keep it balanced and fair. The system last failed under the leadership of Alan Greenspace. Supposedly a highly educated man. That leader was chosen by the Bush family. Yet supposedly highly trained politicians. 2008 the present Congress left most of America in rough shape on the decline with many wars to bring to peace. It's been a difficult job to offer solutions to the continued leaders who brought the failures and want to continue using those same failed policies. Does that make sense? Raise the retirement age? Punish the seniors who have already been given contracts for their future but being breached at the words of children still learning.

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