Love is the most misunderstood thing



Is it true that in contemporary era value of love is not ‘duration’ but ‘intensity’? Not words but emotions. Isn't it so, that it is an individual mental capabilities on which love depend for him or her? And love doesn't ask for universal value. This analogy is as absurd as that of the application of the meaning depends on the studious abilities of the reader. Nevertheless, the genuine meaning lies in the urge of construction of text, whereupon the possibilities of true meaning are buried and that is more significant than the textual understanding of the text itself. In love feeling of completeness of being is veiled. It can be valued on the ground of individual’s fulfilment and creation of self.

“The prime and universal merit of love is its unconditionality. Conditional loves are deceptions and illusive. All those so called marriages, bonds and affairs which begin with the end in the mind are non-love.” Like God, democracy, and freedom, love is the most misunderstood thing in this nation. However, the ultimate truth of life is concealed in the God, Love, and Freedom. To grasp it one required is a cultural and intellectual advancement. In this nation that horizon never existed. Hence here, conception of love has always had moral, social, religious, and ethical codes. Not human and innermost thoughts, inwardly. Not natural and universal.

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