Cirkus Cirkör’s ‘Knitting Peace’ A world of yarn



Is it possible to knit peace? The Swedish troupe Cirkus Cirkör’s latest creation makes a uniquely compelling case.

In this American premiere, director Tilde Björfors used all the aspects of contemporary circus art to attempt an answer by revealing a complex world created predominantly out of recycled yarn.

Framing the stage of the Merriam Theater was a thin black fabric serving as the backdrop for a female performer who was hand knitting a vest downstage. Upon completion, she swathed herself in the product of her efforts before tugging a loose piece of yarn causing it to unravel. This act of pulling loose yarn became a repetitive motif throughout Peace.

Panels of curtains sectioned the performing space, acting as doors where the performers would enter and exit, creating different worlds of yarn induced excitement that would thrill the audience. Aino Ihanainen, Alexander Weibel Weibel, Mikael Kristiansen, Ilona Jäntti, and Tiziana Prota led us through a world of yarn that was governed by musician Olof Gothlin, who was cocooned in a nest hoisted 12 feet above the stage’s floor.



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