Short samples, the first in the series showcasing short true, yes true stories showing what happens when builders, construction workers and tradesmen meet members of the public in their homes, as we build towards creating a screenplay for television! Shameless for the Building Industry!

Hey you, yes you!

Welcome to Pussyville.

Why Pussyville haha it’s fucking simple!

Read on and you will see why.

My name isn’t Dirty Bob obviously but to save others from never-ending embarrassment, I chose it lol.

I like Dirty Bob cos I’m a dirty motherfucker with a dirty sense of humour and Dirty Bobs friends in the building game, are all the fucking same!

This book sample is simply the first in the series showcasing some short true, yes fucking true stories, illustrating as we build towards creating a screenplay synopsis for television, what happens when builders, construction workers and tradesmen meet members of the public in their homes, shops, pubs and fucking such like.

From horny housewives wanting rattling, cocklodging, cuckolding, shagging in skips and many more!
Before you go on, be warned, it’s fucking rude!

All the stories are gathered from myself and some of the bad asses I’ve met on sites throughout the UK.
From London, Sheffield, Leeds, Newcastle, Liverpool, Manchester and many more sites.

Now let’s get to it!

One of the things I find amusing when doing refurbs is the women lol
They seem all up for action. Well some anyway.

A woman who knows what she wants is such a huge turn on!


It’s Monday, we rolling into site, been given address to bang plumbing in, 223 Middleton. Gears in van, we rolling. Sees door pulls up! I goes and knocks.
Boom scruffy looking cunt answers.

“Yeah, you plumbers?”
“Well I’m not fucking the milkmen”,I replies winking at him lol. He smiles, nodding.

Silly cunt buttered up in one line ha.

“Yes mate, first fixing kitchen for plasterer and checking other bits out.”

He lets us in; I spies his piece of gash, blonde, and tidy. Gives her my best pussy smile and licks ma lips so she knows I likes what I fucking sees..The wink nails it ha, dirty bitch winks back lol.

Poor hubby, be balls deep soon lol.

“Morning love, my name Bob, DB for short.”

She smiles and fucks off, probs cos hubby is staring lol.

Hes only a skinny fucker lol, am a gym boy, 6ft2 and stacked. Tattooed sleeve to catch the ladies eyes.
Blue eyes and a dirty laugh which I normally do when I’m balls deep in married gash lol

“Alright mate, can you leave me to it, got to bang it out!” Says I.
“All right kiddo,” he says, “am going work in five!

Bang on thinks I, can work on his woman lol

“No bother mate am in kitchen all day!”

“Sound,” he replies, grabs his coat and fucks off in room, car keys in hand when he comes back, says “terra love,”and shuts door, car starts and he’s gone!

“Alright love, shall I switch water off or do you want to fill kettle first?”

Ha-ha old ones are the best!

In she comes, now I can see her, fit as fuck!

“Not be long before its finished love, been here long?”

Got to get them talking lol.

“Yes, 15 years.”

“15 years, is that when you got together?”
I start flexing as I move my gear, she’s checking me out lol. Works every time!

“15 years, long time, you'd be needing some fresh soon! Me, am free!

I flash her my pussy smile and wink. She’s starting to relax.

“Passes us kettle”, I says, “I’ll fill her up to brim!
I give her a saucy wink lol!

She can’t help but smile, passes it me and casually touches my hand!
Yes my friend that’s the sign lol Always watch out for that touch!

"I'll fills it up! says I. ”What comes after S in alphabet love?”
“T,”she says.
“Ok love 2 sugars!”

She laughs and bangs kettle on.

“Just going upstairs,” she says and fucks off!
All the signs are there lol

Dirty Bobs in!

I take work jumper off, my tight tee shirt shows my buff frame off. 18inch biceps covered in tattoos should rev it up lol.

Kettles boiled and down she comes, fuckers only got changed.

Tight black skirt, tight black top and smells like a perfume shop. Red lipstick and black eye liner round her fuck me eyes!

Lordy I’ve struck fucking gold!

Phone rings,” just got to take this love!”

“Ok love, I’ll do tea!”

“Hey Pete, ha-ha yeah I’ll be plumbing all day in here mate, say there’s been a leak if you know what I mean, needs plugging! Ha-ha yeah man...I still got it! DB is the king, ring ya later dude!

In she comes, smelling like a Boots perfume counter, she’s looking at my frame and ha-ha, she licks her fucking luscious red lips.

“My Bob, you have a good body, can I touch your arms!” She reaches out ha-ha, who’s the predator now!

She drags her nails up and down my arms and whispers, “fuck the tea, come upstairs and fuck me!” Licking her lips she follows up  with,

“Hubbies out all day!”

“Fuck me you don’t mess about!” I says putting her hand on ma cock.

She says, “I’ll lock door!”
She beckons me over and starts going upstairs!

As I follow she says, “hubby knows I fuck other men and when he saw the size of you, he said fuck him Silvia, fuck that big butch cunt and film it!"

"You don’t mind me filming you do you Bob, cameras on wall ready. Hubbies down road in car with laptop! Are you gona fuck me hard Big Bob?"

Her ass is talking to me as she walks upstairs, that swaying ass is whispering “I need it hard Bob, real hard!”

"Ha-ha this is old news fellas!"

"Welcome to Cuckolding.

Fellas who want to see other men fuck their wives.

I’ve fucked plenty; it’s the New Age.

Ha-ha who am I to complain,she will be my mine now.

I Love Manchester!

They don't call me Dirty Bob for nothing!"


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